Photos of Indonesia Bird Watching Trails

If it were feasible, I would so this without a guide. Our guide did this hike twice a day and could do it in less than an hour and a half to the top. His expectations were that we would make it to the top that fast. This hike is difficult, the footing is soot like material and there are dirt bikes constantly passing up and down the trails which truly take away from the hiking experience. Their exhaust fumes made my lungs sting. I hike and have done these distances and elevations before but hiking is about enjoying the journey, taking in the stars. Every time I stopped to look up or catch my breath, he would offer to put me on a dirt bike, have me only go half wat or take my pack (which I carry all the time and am fine). I refused every time. I was to the point of tears because I felt bullied though the people I was with were equally grateful to stop. He was passionate to stay with us which from reading other reviews I'm glad he did. You had to get out of the way of dirt bikers and them stiring up the ground made it a harder trail than it wouldve been without them.

The sky is stunning with the dark sky and stars. please stop and take it in. stop and look at the sky changing on your way up. it is worth it. The sunrise was stunning. We hung out longer than other hiking groups and the monkeys came out which was an amazing experience.

The down for me was a breeze but for my friends who arent hikers, they were slower going down than up. The soot and loose dirt makes for hard footing if you arent used to hiking.

I'm glad we did it, I just didnt appreciate the tour guide stuff. His daughter sold us a candy bar at the top and the rush up made sense since she had to rush down to get to school.