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This was a fun hike. That being said the out and back to the bathing area is an easy hike. We followed the map provided here and completed the 7 miles which goes beyond the bathing area doing a loop and then joining the trail at the bathing area and back down. The upper loop should not be considered easy and hiking boots should be worn. There is a spot where the trail narrows and chains are fastened to rocks that help you hang on. We were not in shoes with enough traction and had to cross here barefoot.

Best trail in the world.

29 days ago

Amazing hike. We went the first week in June when the trails are first open and there was still a ton of snow at the top of the peak. Just as a heads up, it does make a difference which way you go. If you start at Landmannalaugar, you do the steepest and snowiest trek the first day up to the first hut. After that it's more gradual downs and ups, and you descend into different beautiful terrains. Going the opposite way I'm sure is just as beautiful but prepared to end with snow.

Also be prepared to cross a lot of rivers - you will undoubtedly get wet in at least one of them.

Did this hike in mid March. We were the first car in the parking lot ~7AM. The first 2-ish miles have a decent amount of elevation gain. Unfortunately there was some dense fog in spots so we couldn't enjoy the views as much as we would have liked. The thermal river is really interesting. It was in the low 30's F when we were there, so we did our best to submerge our bodies entirely. It's almost more of a stream than a river (at least by my American standards). Getting out was definitely the worst part. Having to dry off and change while it was snowing was an interesting experience. 2 other couples came while we were in the water, and saw several more people hiking up on our way down. Get there early if you want some privacy.

1 month ago

Easy. Beautiful. Wet!!

Beautiful! It can get a little slippery on certain parts but there was usually enough gravel to mix with the snow and ice that it wasn’t too bad. Very well marked hike but would recommend good hiking boots! I’d also recommend continuing past the hot springs for just a little bit. My husband and I were able to see a beautiful waterfall a little further down that we wouldn’t have even known was there!

3 months ago

Cheating a little bit . . . we did a full day hike during a day tour from Reykjavik. Other than climbing on a glacier, the best thing we did in Iceland. Beautiful, ever-changing landscapes with multi-colored hues. Absolutely stunning. THIS is why you came to Iceland!

5 months ago

challenging , breathtaking. Like hiking through a painting with changing landscape around every turn.

This is a great trail, lots of thermal activity to see. The hot spring river is nice to soak in, there are 2 sided chest high platforms to change up but your sure to show a little cheek. The end is not as warm as Id have liked so go further up if ypu want warmer. tThe elevation gain is pretty serious the first 1.1km or so of about 330m. def worth the effort and time. leave yourself at least 3 to 4 hrs to hike and soak and take photos.

8 months ago

Great walk. We actually walked all the way to Skógar with an extra day-hike in the Þórsmörk valley. So, 7 days in total.
Truly amazing landscape but very crowded in summer (although a river crossing is easier because you'll see where others are crossing). Unfortunately no wildcamping allowed.

Pretty hike with a soothing payoff at the end. As of this review the address within AllTrails is incorrect...the trailhead is located next to the Hot River Cafe!

Very beautifull trail

9 months ago

Amazing trail... only difficult in extreme weather which we encountered one day of the 4. I was initially worried about the weather as we were camping in a tent all three nights but I felt very confident in our REI Quarterdome tent with a few extra guy lines that I usually would not need in the Sierras. Anyone worried about tackling this tent camping the whole way without a guide shouldn't be. As long as you have the appropriate gear you will be fine. There is no such thing as cold, wet and miserable, it just means that you were under prepared.

The most beautiful place

We hiked this in July of 2017. The trail is not 11 miles, maybe 4 round trip (assuming you stop at the hot river - you can certainly hike on). Was a neat trail with lots of geothermal activity along the way. 3 star rating is due to the crowds...definitely the most crowded hike we did in Iceland!

trail running
10 months ago

Amazing run with my wife to celebrate our one year anniversary. Stayed at the Hvanngil hut half way. Ran with our excellent guide Birkir, which also turned out to be a brilliant chef!( www.arcticrunning.is )

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Probably the world's greatest trail.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Á-3 Through the woods
Distance: 4 km (one way)
Walking time: 1,5 hr
Starting point: Visitor Centre
Path difficulty: Easy route (blue). Biking is allowed on this route.

This route starts at the Visitor Centre in Ásbyrgi and goes follows a path that lies below the eastern wall of Ásbyrgi all the way south to the pond Botnstjörn in the bottom of the canyon. The route goes through various forestry plots as during the years 1947-1977 foreign conifers were planted in Ásbyrgi. Various bird species nest in the diverse forest groves. Prior to more modern lifestyles the birch wood was used for building houses, as firewood and for the grazing of livestock. It is possible to combine this route with route Á-4 and make a ring route.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dynjandi or Fjallfoss waterfall is the biggest waterfall in the Westfjords and is for sure the Bridal Veil of Westfjords. There are 6 other waterfalls below Dynjandi, which one passes on the way to the biggest waterfall. The names of the other waterfalls are, from above: Hæstahjallafoss, Strompgljúfrafoss, Göngumannafoss, Hrísvaðsfoss, Hundafoss and Bæjarfoss, which is also called Sjófoss. "Foss" is the Icelandic name for a waterfall.
To get to Dynjandi there is a bit of a hike and on the way up are all these smaller waterfalls. There is a man-made path leading up to the waterfalls and quite a climb getting up to Dynjandi. Volunteers made the path back in 1996.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I did this trail when I went to Iceland last summer (2016) with my native friend and as well as being considerably difficult to reach the top of one of the mountains through rocky, snowy, and other kinds of terrain, it was also indescribably beautiful and would do it all 1000 times over.
I only regret that I didn't have the app at the time of my time here.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Scenery was unlike anything I've ever seen!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Amazing trail that can be really hard when the weather conditions are not ok. On this trail you can see everything that Iceland has to offer: volcano, hot springs, rivers with drinking water, glacier, waterfalls etc.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Iceland's most popular trail and trek. It features ever changing and stunning scenic views across volcanic terrain, tundra and over mountaintops. It starts in Landmannalaugar and end in the forests of Thorsmork. The trekking season is quite short and is heavily traveled, mostly north to south. There are huts along the way which can also be camped at with tents.

2 days ago

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