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2 days ago

Do not, under any circumstance, use this trail map. The original recorder took an access path to some smaller falls and then made up his own route. There is no trail, no markers, and it requires you to cross tops of waterfalls and walk over glacial flora. Use the other Glymur Falls Loop Trail map instead.

on Gullfoss Waterfall

2 days ago

Not so much a trail, per se, as an overlook. Path is heavily maintained and many tourists are around. Short and easy. The views are great, of course.

2 days ago

Short but active hike with rewarding views on both the ways up and down! Worth a visit while you’re traveling in Iceland near Reykjavík.

2 days ago

Looking into this hike I was thrilled! I spent months planning and packing and preparing. The pictures I found and the reviews read all for good reason say amazing things. That being said I am now currently camped with a group of 5 at Álftavatn. This has easily been one of the harder hikes I have ever done. I’ve hiked 13k mountains and spent weeks at a time on trails. But this was a completely new experience. From day one going north to south the trail tricks you with the simplicity of an easy hike as you meander down the trail. Ignorance was my main problem for day one. We then climbed up more mountain ridges than I can count! Up and up and up until you are trekking through snow on top of the mountains. Generally I am not one to complain, but wow! This was like some alpine hiking. It was unreal the level of altitude we gained. Mind you the first day is around 12k. Nothing big. However when it’s 12k in pretty much entirely upwards direction, it tends to wear on you. The campsite that night was a winter wonderland, the campsites are obsidian glass that have been piled to help break the wind a little. That night my water bottle froze... the hut warden had previously been tanning when the sun was out. The second the sun was gone... bamb! So cold! From day 2 we then started the decent out of the snow. From all the up we did we must have done just as much down. The day itself was much easier and the site has a bar!!! Much needed. Can’t wait To see what the next days hold.

Magnifique trail! Paysages très différents d’une journée à l’autre. On se sent seul au monde dans l’immensité de ces montagnes. Nous sommes allés fin juin et il y avait encore de la neige! La Trail n’est pas toujours bien indiquée lorsqu’il y a de la neige, car les marqueurs sont enfouis sous la neige (Landmannalaugar seulement). Avec le brouillard, c’était un peu troublant de pas savoir où on s’en allait. À ce moment, je n’avais pas découvert cette application, mais je crois que j’aurais bien aimé! Quatre rivières sont à traverser donc des petites chaussures d’eau sont très utiles. Pour l’hébergement, je recommande les refuges pour un peu plus de confort ou des sacs de couchage chauds si vous dormez en tente. Des bottes de gortex sont aussi très utiles, puisque la pluie est fréquente! J’en garde un souvenir inoubliable!

One of my favorite hikes of all time. Be aware that it’s extremely windy at the top. At least it was when we went in June. The water crossing is so fun. We did it barefoot and wished we had some water shoes. It’s doable without though. Hiking shoes and boots needed because it’s slippery.

4 days ago

This was a beautiful trail. I will say it was difficult, not so much for the terrain, but the weather. It is extremely volatile. The first day out it was sunny and gorgeous, and then the next day it was 30-40 mph winds coupled with rain and sleet. Tents poles were easily being broken and there is very little cover if any at the camp sites.

5 days ago

Such a great backpacking hike! Probably the best I’ve done, simply stunning and unique. It has its difficult sections and weather changes quickly, I would recommend being an experienced hiker/backpacker. Truly an amazing experience!

This is now inaccessible as the road is now private. Don’t bother.

A very easy loop. It might be worth to add sjonarnipa. If you have the legs, then the must do in the area is kristinartindar!

9 days ago

A classic. That's a great hike. I would strongly recommended going all the way to skogar. I did it north-bound also, which seemed better because that gave me time to do day hiking in landmannalagur after the bakcpacking.
I won't describe in detail the hike, but it is very doable to skip every other hut. I did skogar to landmannalagur in 48 hours. The trail is VERY easy to follow - it's good to have a GPS but you probably won't need it at all. Also, you should expect some river crossing. When I did it, the worse were about knee deep - so it's good to have extra shoes for that.

Very crowded but so many beautiful views.

Easy...ha... those stairs almost killed me.

Beautiful falls. The best was definitely the waterfall in the cave. Watch out some of the rocks are a little unstable and the water is cold!

Amazing views. One of the best hikes I’ve ever done and fully recommend. Thankful for the great tread on my boots. And the weather was poor so it got very windy on the way back (west side). River crossings we’re easy but glad I had water shoes. Hug tight to the edge on the west side coming back down; muddy though. (I started by going over the log and then crossing the river above the falls). Shorter than the 3-4 hours that I expected. Took me about 2 hours and 15 minutes to do the full loop- that was with taking multiple picture stops, however, I’m very athletic. And if you’re driving from the Golden Circle route 48 becomes gravel and has very large holes. I was nervous, but made it in a Toyota Yaris (very small car).

12 days ago

Just finished this trail, and it was full of gorgeous views. I was lucky enough to have very little rain

14 days ago

The trail is nice and short, and the waterfall at the end is so great!

Skipped the lower river crossing as the flow seemed a bit too strong for us. We backtracked and took the far north trail up and around. Although very visible on Google maps the entrance/exit split is somewhat hard to find - near 235m east of the parking lot gate. North path had no trail markers we saw, 12-13% incline in some sections.

This place is no longer accessible. All three roads to access this hike are gated/closed off and on private land unfortunately.

Fun hike! Not too challenging physically. The river crossing isn't as scary as it looks. Would be easier with water shoes, but we just took off our boots, socks and rolled up out pants and cross it with no problem.

Great trail. Traffic jam at the log crossing below, at least on a Sunday afternoon. Crossing past the falls at the top was worth it just to not have to wait again. Like others have said, the water is very cold and the rocks a little painful. But totally worth it. Much less traffic coming down after crossing over. Beautiful views of the falls!

20 days ago

Definitely go on this hike if you have a morning or half a day in Seydisfjordur! There is a new waterfall to admire every 15 minutes. The trail is marked by posts all along. We couldn’t make it the last 0.5km because the river was too wide, but the hike was still absolutely worth it.

20 days ago

Error, wrong trail, this is for the fimm... trail, trying to fix ASAP

Here is a guide if weather unfortunately was not on the same schedule as your hike. My day started cloudy with a light drizzle starting at Stogafoss. (I recommend starting from this points as you will see all the waterfalls ahead of you as you trek up. Now my weather predicament only went from okay to bad to worse. Granted I was well prepared and being cold not wet was an issue, however at 8.6km once the trail splits into 2 ( red and blue). On bright sunny days I highly recommend the red, but you must have proper waterproof shoes for this hike! You will encounter much more snow in the earlier months and you will have to keep a close eye on the trail recorder as at some points in the snow the poles are completely buried after a heavy winter. Unfortunately in my case, I was completely lost and without direction in the middle of a storm; complete whiteout. If this is your weather for the trek, I HIGHLY recommend to stick to the blue trail as it marked much more adequately and a safer choice in harsher conditions.

If the weather works out, but you don’t have any to to catch the bus at the end part of he trail, I believe a loop up the red trail and down the blue trail would be a fantastic choice. 30km +- give or take, should take you less than 10hrs total; remember I did this in a storm and was horribly lost at some points. In great weather and proper equipment, you can finish this hike in 8-9 hours if you are fit.

21 days ago

The listed trail (0.8 miles) is very crowded. I recommend climbing the stairs, reaching the observation point, then continuing onward. The trail proceeds through a gate that leads multiple miles back along the river. Here, you will discover a lot more waterfalls and a lot more solitude. It's an out & back so you can choose how deep you go but the views are incredible. I'd give the extended hike five stars and the 0.8 mile hike (just up the stairs and back) three stars, though Skogafoss is incredible to observe regardless.

I'd say moderate hike (at least with our difficult windy rainy conditions), but so worth it! Tons of geothermal activity. Bring your suit but I was a little bummed that the river we swam in was a bit shallow and about as hot as a bath (not a hot tub). But still recommend this !

Looked for this and could not find it. GPS led us to someone's house !

Easy walk down through a fissure to beautiful canyon (lots of tourists)!

We hiked to the river swimming area and back, 4.6 miles. Very pretty and make sure you bring a swimsuit!

Hard to find waterfalls, I saw people taking multiple trails to it. Very secluded, cool little trail to the waterfall. The waterfall itself isn’t huge but quite interesting. Worth a quick stop if you can find the trail. I ended up having to under a wire fence so probably wasn’t the best route. Hard to tell what’s private land and what’s public access.

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