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Hveragerði, Suðurland Map

Walked in high winds at the very end of November. The pool at the top of the board walk was really hot, even though it was starting to snow :)

2 months ago

Fantastic hike..the warm springs dip added depth to hike

Beautiful scenery. Easy hiike

Easy, but fun. Great falls.

The hike itself has some very nice views. We went the day after it snowed in early October. It was a bit cold and rainy. No one warned us until we walked through the rain for 2 miles... but the river was cold and no one was in it! We have no idea why... maybe that’s what happens after it snows. Keep this in mind if you try to go during the winter.

One of my favourite hikes in Iceland. Agree with others that it is more medium than easy but definitely worth the climb to be treated to a dip in the natural springs.

The walk in was a bit steeper than the ‘easy’ implied- but good. The path is well maintained. We headed out around 10:30 am and it took us about an hour to walk to the river. Uphill most of the way. The river was lovely. Nice charging areas and plenty of places to sit. Some had suggested that the further upstream the hotter the water. Overall a beautiful hike and afternoon!

Lovely hike with a wonderful reward at the end. definitely bring your swimming gear!!! the temperature is lovely and perfect to relax in after a hike

This waterfall is located within Pingvellir National Park. In my opinion, the waterfall is not the highlight of the things to see. The history is interesting and i've never seen a fissure before. You can walk to the several attractions in about 2-3 hours.

A bit of a crowd but still a beautiful and worthwhile walk

Starts on the obvious trail to the Reykjadalur hot spring river. Lots of people on the trail and also bathing in the river stream at the main spot. After you leave this area, the fun really starts! You proceed due east high up over the ridge line. You will see yellow and blue trail posts marking the way, follow them.

As you come over the ridge, you will descend into a broad valley, absolutely devoid of human presence. As you progress, the trail markers disappear, and then it’s game on. You’re basically charting a cross country, bushwhacking route where the trail disappears and reappears frequently.

You will encounter lots of sheep, fortunately none seemed aggressive. Be prepared for multiple stream crossings and be very careful about hidden gullies of mud that are knee to WAIST deep concealed under the tall grass. We stepped in a few and got quite muddy. Tread very carefully and watch your step. It goes without mention there is lots of beautiful geothermal activity, but some of the pools exceed 212° F and will probably deliver 3rd degree burns if you accidentally step or fall into one.

Trail eventually winds it’s way south through the valley and then southwest to the parking area and trailhead. If you attempt this loop, start early and don’t get lost out there after dark. This is a challenging backcountry hike that requires preparation, navigation, and intelligence. We referenced to the recorded track on this app during the trek, and found it to be pretty accurate and reliable. Don’t attempt this loop without the aid of GPS. Happy hiking!

There weren’t as many tourists as I anticipated. Beautiful waterfall and the whole surrounding area too.

Beautiful even at night! We started hiking at 10:30pm during sunset and arrived at the springs at about 11:30. We didn't see anyone else at the springs, very peaceful. The water was the perfect temperature for a nice dip, not too hot so we could stay in for a while. definitely doing this again!

Beautiful area with fascinating history, but not very peaceful due to the crowds. As with most Iceland points of interest, recommend going early to beat the tourist crowds.

The return is via sheep trails that don’t interconnect. It is a bit dangerous given all the steaming steams and holes. Use one of the other well marked trails. The area is lovely

5 months ago

Active climb. Gravel path all the way up, moderate beginning to flat mid-section and loop with periods of uphill. Lots of horse manure on the out-and-back, sheep manure on the loop. Bugs made it somewhat miserable on the hike back as the day warmed up. Not too much to see if you’ve already been to Geysir, but it’s Iceland so everything is pretty.

easy walk with more to see than the waterfall

With hot speings! Defenitly go for the hike and bring swim suit

6 months ago

I'd say moderate hike (at least with our difficult windy rainy conditions), but so worth it! Tons of geothermal activity. Bring your suit but I was a little bummed that the river we swam in was a bit shallow and about as hot as a bath (not a hot tub). But still recommend this !

6 months ago

Easy walk down through a fissure to beautiful canyon (lots of tourists)!

We hiked to the river swimming area and back, 4.6 miles. Very pretty and make sure you bring a swimsuit!

This trail is quite busy in the spring when we went. There is pavement for most of the climb up until you reach the river in which you can change into a swim suit and hop in. I highly suggest hopping into the river... it is only bath temperature so don't expect the hot spring feel. It was worth it though.

This was a fun hike. That being said the out and back to the bathing area is an easy hike. We followed the map provided here and completed the 7 miles which goes beyond the bathing area doing a loop and then joining the trail at the bathing area and back down. The upper loop should not be considered easy and hiking boots should be worn. There is a spot where the trail narrows and chains are fastened to rocks that help you hang on. We were not in shoes with enough traction and had to cross here barefoot.

Did this hike in mid March. We were the first car in the parking lot ~7AM. The first 2-ish miles have a decent amount of elevation gain. Unfortunately there was some dense fog in spots so we couldn't enjoy the views as much as we would have liked. The thermal river is really interesting. It was in the low 30's F when we were there, so we did our best to submerge our bodies entirely. It's almost more of a stream than a river (at least by my American standards). Getting out was definitely the worst part. Having to dry off and change while it was snowing was an interesting experience. 2 other couples came while we were in the water, and saw several more people hiking up on our way down. Get there early if you want some privacy.

Beautiful! It can get a little slippery on certain parts but there was usually enough gravel to mix with the snow and ice that it wasn’t too bad. Very well marked hike but would recommend good hiking boots! I’d also recommend continuing past the hot springs for just a little bit. My husband and I were able to see a beautiful waterfall a little further down that we wouldn’t have even known was there!

This waterfall is great! Looks like something from another planet.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Great scenery and some interesting Icelandic history to learn about along the way, but very crowded and the waterfall is underwhelming compared to others in Iceland.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

well paved trail and beautiful scenery nice easy hike

Sunday, October 22, 2017

This is a great trail, lots of thermal activity to see. The hot spring river is nice to soak in, there are 2 sided chest high platforms to change up but your sure to show a little cheek. The end is not as warm as Id have liked so go further up if ypu want warmer. tThe elevation gain is pretty serious the first 1.1km or so of about 330m. def worth the effort and time. leave yourself at least 3 to 4 hrs to hike and soak and take photos.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

It was a decent view, pretty crowded but that's to be expected. Definitely a good spot to bring the family if you want to go for a little hike but not spend too much energy on it.

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