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3 months ago

Easy hike. Follow the river along past the private sign. There is one fall you will get to, keep going to the larger falls. Absolutely stunning and BRIGHT BLUE. There are two trails in parallel along the river one closest to river is wetter. The are both close together! Pick the more bushy one or the more wet one. Amazing scenery of the mountains! Do this walk!

Busy but you can't help but be impressed. Don't just stick to the bottom: climb the steps to the top and continue going up the path to see more falls and terrific views. There were about 100 people at the bottom and along the top path we came across maybe a dozen people.

One of my favourite hikes in Iceland. Agree with others that it is more medium than easy but definitely worth the climb to be treated to a dip in the natural springs.

The walk is a little bit boring. The black sand beach is beautiful. The plane is nothing extraordinary.

So many waterfalls and changing landscapes. Made it to the second hut in roughly 4.5 hrs. Highly recommend, not a challenging hike but breathtaking!!!

3 months ago

My boyfriend who hates hiking says this is his favorite hike :)
We went on a sunny day. Only go on a sunny day!
There are short bursts of energy where you climb steep ladders and stairs and then traverse narrow edges of the mountainside while holding onto chains and ropes. The entire hike is varied, with a fantastic view around every corner--the blue ocean, the red and white town, the port, mountain goats grazing, meadows of green, the volcanoes, the entire island!
This was one of the most fun and varied hikes I have ever done :)
*Only go on a sunny day.

the hike itself if meh and the trail is crowded. but the reward is worth it soaking in the warm spring water was great

The walk in was a bit steeper than the ‘easy’ implied- but good. The path is well maintained. We headed out around 10:30 am and it took us about an hour to walk to the river. Uphill most of the way. The river was lovely. Nice charging areas and plenty of places to sit. Some had suggested that the further upstream the hotter the water. Overall a beautiful hike and afternoon!

Interesting wreck but sadly people are not respectful - clambering all over it, graffiti etc. It dims what should be an interesting object to view and photograph. As ever a minority ruin it for the majority. It is a heavily walked route so expect crowds

Beautiful falls and easy walk

3 months ago

400kr to walk around a small lake will put some people off. It's an interesting site and an enjoyable walk around the rim but probably not on your "must see" list

A simple walk around the geysers. Enjoyable but crowded - you'll struggle to get a photo without either dozens of people or tour buses in.

Get away from the chaos of Skogafoss and enjoy this waterfall all to yourself. The hike is short with a few small climbs and the waterfalls is a modest beauty. Ignore one of the reviews below: this trail is very much open. A really lovely short and rewarding hike

Not for everyone but worth doing if you have the time. This is a walk more than a hike. It's a relatively straight and flat march across the beach to the plane crash. Don't expect any more views than what you see from the car park. Do expect lots of people clambering over the wreck, stealing parts and a lot of graffiti, which is a great shame as this is such a unique site.

Lovely walk along the coast with beautiful views. When we did it the car park was basically empty at Arnarstapi (where we parked) but very busy at Hellnar

busy but worth it. do climb the stairs and walk through the gate and further along the views are lovely

Lovely easy hike and gets you away from the crowds. I recommend do this one. A short hike with a big reward

Wonderful loop and definitely one to do. the scenery is lovely throughout and ever changing. You will see on the trial a little extra bit do keep climbing to the top and round the corner as the views of the mountains are excellent and they vary in colour (one for morning or evening photography depending upon the time of year)

4 months ago

interesting walk around the crater. Nice views but the cost is 400kr each but under 12s are free

Lovely hike with a wonderful reward at the end. definitely bring your swimming gear!!! the temperature is lovely and perfect to relax in after a hike

My favourite hike in Iceland. Takes in varied scenery and the views of the mountains with all their colour is spectacular. Be sure to continue beyond the end of the trail for another 0.5km or so for some of the best views. Ideal for an evening hike. When returning (if going anti-clockwise) follow the white trail markers next to the large thermal pool

Enjoyable coastal walk along the cliff top. Mostly flat, clearly marked and great views in both directions

Fantastic and at the end you can have hot bath!

4 months ago

This area is known as black beach. It is a very windy and dangerous area. There is a sign that talks about rouge waves taking victims out to sea for imminent death. The beach is composed of black pebbles and rocks. There are basalt column cliffs next to the beach. Only downfall is too many people.

4 months ago

As others have mentioned, you must pay for parking and display the ticket in your window. After paying, there is a short walk for a good view of the falls The mist from the falls will get you wet, especially if you go behind the falls. I HIGHLY recommend taking the short walk to the other waterfall and a gorge. There is a high waterfall in the gorge but it was crowded. I recommend waiting and going into the Gljúfrabúi gorge. It takes about 15-20 seconds to get into the gorge; however, the stream will get your feet wet.

4 months ago

This is a very quick walk around a lovely crater filled with water. The only downfall is it costs money to do this walk (I think 40 Krona).

4 months ago

This is a must-see waterfall, especially while traveling in Iceland's famous Golden Circle. This is an easy short walk with spectacular rewards!

This waterfall is located within Pingvellir National Park. In my opinion, the waterfall is not the highlight of the things to see. The history is interesting and i've never seen a fissure before. You can walk to the several attractions in about 2-3 hours.

The coolest waterfall experience! Feels amazing to go behind this iconic waterfall.

A bit of a crowd but still a beautiful and worthwhile walk

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