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Super difficult switchbacks all the way up on sand! Went on a foggy day and the higher you climb the rainier it gets, and no view- ended up turning around. Would definitely go back with more experience and on a better day

It’s ok like some of the people said it’s more of a walk than hike. I walked more like speed walked cuz it was raining sideways and 20 mph rain made it un-enjoyable. I was soaked by the time I got back to my car.

4 months ago

Cool to experience behind the waterfall views. Very easy hike.

Facile. Terrain plat. Nous sommes allez pour le couché de soleil. Retour à la noirceur donc peu de touristes. Sentier bien délimité.

Incredible waterfall and such a cool experience to be able to walk behind it. After you leave continue down the path to the right (away from parking) to a small, even more impressive hidden waterfall! You have to walk through a small cave to get to it. It was my favorite waterfall in Iceland.

4 months ago

Very fun experience to go behind this big waterfall. But even better... hike down the path to Gljufrafoss! You have to step on some stones over a small creek into a cave to get to these hidden falls but it’s worth it. Loved visiting both falls.

The walk is a little bit boring. The black sand beach is beautiful. The plane is nothing extraordinary.

Interesting wreck but sadly people are not respectful - clambering all over it, graffiti etc. It dims what should be an interesting object to view and photograph. As ever a minority ruin it for the majority. It is a heavily walked route so expect crowds

Not for everyone but worth doing if you have the time. This is a walk more than a hike. It's a relatively straight and flat march across the beach to the plane crash. Don't expect any more views than what you see from the car park. Do expect lots of people clambering over the wreck, stealing parts and a lot of graffiti, which is a great shame as this is such a unique site.

5 months ago

As others have mentioned, you must pay for parking and display the ticket in your window. After paying, there is a short walk for a good view of the falls The mist from the falls will get you wet, especially if you go behind the falls. I HIGHLY recommend taking the short walk to the other waterfall and a gorge. There is a high waterfall in the gorge but it was crowded. I recommend waiting and going into the Gljúfrabúi gorge. It takes about 15-20 seconds to get into the gorge; however, the stream will get your feet wet.

The coolest waterfall experience! Feels amazing to go behind this iconic waterfall.

Very long hike of about 90min Loop to see a plane wreck

I wish people were respectful and would not climb the wreck... Nice walk regardless, went there for sunset

5 months ago

Overall an enjoyable loop. However, there is a new route in the south side of mtn that should be used. Not sure why the route went up the way it did on this app. Way too steep and closed. Definitely not an easy walk going up the switch backs on the south side. I considered turning around a couple times. However, no special equipment was needed the day I summit. Going down the north side to base camp was very easy and I wondered why I was so nervous going up the other side minutes before. Great views from the top and glad I did this hike

A iconic place. But crowdy.

This was the worst thing I did during my week in Iceland. The wind is incessant and punishing - easily averaging 40-50 mph with much stronger gusts - and the prize is really not worth it. At the end you'll find a few dozen tourists climbing over an increasingly rusted and decrepit aircraft. It provides only a brief respite before you have to brave the winds on the trek back to the parking lot. You're better off looking at pictures of the plane online. Seriously, go do something else, Iceland has so much more to offer.

Was quite rainy and windy when I went, had to use positive self-talk to motivate myself to keep going. A long trek out for a few quick photo ops. Glad I did it (for the geocache); doubt I'd redo it. Bonus for the cruddy weather - not as many tourist out there.

flat straight hike

very short hike but amazing waterfall!

The wind was quite strong the day we went which made the cold hard to bare. It is an interesting stop. I would not go twice though

It's the most beautiful segment of the laugavegur. "high" mountains, hot springs, etc. It's great! Alftavatn campground seems to be always very windy...

Beautiful falls. The best was definitely the waterfall in the cave. Watch out some of the rocks are a little unstable and the water is cold!

8 months ago

Loved this trail! Gorgeous views all around! Little creeks and and small waterfalls along the trail and near the end there’s a little creek cave you can walk up to another small waterfall. Absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful, easy and slick behind the waterfall.

April 18, 2018. The path is closed. Too muddy which causes people to track around mud which in turn makes it even more trampled. Great walk nevertheless going down and back on the front side. 2.05 total to do parking lot to first falls then trail down to hidden falls and back.

nature trips
11 months ago

AMAZING waterfall. So cool to be able to walk behind it. My favorite waterfall in Iceland.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Its a long walk through flat barren landscape, and was full of people when we got there so you couldn't get a good picture. A couple people had bicycles which might have made it worth it.

This gets a bad rap - it’s not a hike it’s a 4ish mile round trip walk on a path. The plane is very cool. Very spooky. And the black sand beaches are absolutely beautiful. No this is not a hike and yes it’s understandable that the tourist that come to the island and expected this to be a hike will be disappointed. However if you’re looking to see something cool and want to let your body rest from some of the grueling hikes you might have completed in the last days, this is a great way to spend an hour

Went to look at the plane. It’s a long walk out. Once I got out there, people were all over the plane, even standing on top of it. Not even a good chance to get a photo. I would recommend going elsewhere.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Cool waterfall quick walk takes maybe 5 mins pay to park and crowded

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