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Beautiful, challenging and fun.

Amazing mountain hike. Definitely bring water shoes for crossing. The first lower crossing has a cable and then partial small log. The above waterfalls crossing has nothing. It was too deep and much wider for us to cross in mid June (would be doable but very cold and longer time in water). Amazing views- everything you’d expect and want to see in an Iceland hike. It is strenuous with lots of uphill parts and large elevation changes- bring water and snacks.

Fantastic hike again!! Water shoes are very helpful. The river runs cold and crossing quick keeps feeling in your feet. Steep spots have hand lines and A lot of work has gone into the trail over the past year. Props to those doing the work!

Nice walk that takes you all through town. Walked the city the day before and this took me to places I would have missed.

Water levels were very high and made for exciting river crossings. Bring real water shoes! We did it bare-footed. The river crossing above the falls was extremely cold and painful without shoes. Beauty here is also extreme. Climb is very steep in some parts and the decent slippery - but nothing treacherous. It took us 4 hours to hike, stop for lunch and take lots of photos.

30 days ago

Excellent hike! Good workout, when you get to the split at the bridge go right for "easier" but longer route and left for strenuous but shorter route.

great hike! crossing the river with the water being knee high was pretty intense, but totally worth it. once you cross the river you start to climb and can see the amazing waterfall. if you turn around the valley is also very picturesque. it snowed, rained, and then became very sunny on our trip!

1 month ago


Best hike I have done in Iceland after 5 months here

Easy walking

Great city! Great views!

Not your typical walk in the woods. One of our favorite hikes in Iceland. The "bridge" at the bottom was washed out. Probably not for the inexperienced -- cliff-side exposure on the southeast side with a need for route-finding skills on the way down the northwest side. But so worth it to get away from the tourons that swarm the easy trails.

6 months ago

Amazing! Hard! Stein!

Incredible, breathtaking views from the top. Hiking Esja got me into hiking. Highly recommend it. The climb to the top of Esja can be a little intense for beginners and the final section will need one to hang on to chains and use all fours at places.

Buses to and from Reykavik makes Esja very accessible.

Challenging with gorgeous views. Weather changes quickly so come prepared. Make the extra hike to the top if weather permits. There is a chain at the top that makes the descent a bit easier.

9 months ago

Beautiful hike, and worth going the entire loop. Watch your footing on the way down! Also, be wary that you may need to go barefoot across the water...our hike took us across freezing cold water almost to our knees while stepping on rocks. Regardless, one of the coolest hikes I've ever done!

So neat to see the city. If you're staying for awhile it helps get your bearings straight.

9 months ago

I hiked Mount Esja in June 2016 and found it challenging but well worth the hard work and sweat. The trail is well maintained and begins right next to a public parking lot, which is easily accessible from Reykjavik via Route 1 (I believe buses regularly travel to and from this lot). Along the trail are 5-6 checkpoints that explain the difficulty of the stretch of trail ahead. It starts out gradual, offering beautiful views of the North Atlantic from behind as you work your way up, and then becomes steep and somewhat rocky. Around 200 meters shy of the summit, the trail arrives at a checkpoint called "Steinn," which is where most inexperienced hikers will turn around. Trails above Steinn are very steep and gravely, so much so that chains have been incorporated along the trail to help hikers maintain their balance. However, if you are prepared for the adventurous hike past Steinn, you will be well rewarded with amazing panoramic views -- and you'll even get to sign a hikers log! Total time for this hike, round-trip at a moderate pace, was between 4-5 hours.

9 months ago

Amazing hike!

The view at the top is incredible. When we went, the water level at the top was a little high. We ended up having to take off our boots and roll up our pants to cross the river. Absolutely worth it for the view on the way back. The best part about the hike was that it was 4.5 and not 3.9!!


Spectacularly gorge. The view unfolds and changes as you go. Countless feeder streams and falls entering the gorge. The most vibrant green moss.

11 months ago

"gorge"ous! rocky on west side of falls and lost trail. lots of rocky scrambles on west side. east side had some inclined ascents that would level out. most were dirt with some rocks, and with ropes. there's a log and rocks to cross in the summer for the main trail. to cross the waterfall at the top, there is no bridge -- you must walk through the water (wide) to get to the other side. i'd recommend bringing water shoes for crossing rocky surfaces in water (if you have sensitive feet like myself!)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

This is one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever been on. How can you go wrong with a 200m waterfall as it's center piece? Nesting gulls, great views and some ice cold water to soak those tired dogs in!

20 hours ago

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