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Nice hike in winter ...
pretty busy but nice to get to the river with plenty of views along the way
Did it with my 6 years old. A little hard for him but he made it fine
Bring snack and towel !

private property
6 days ago

Nice little walk.
Like the waterfall at the end
Bring your cleats so you can go walk behind the fall during winter
We were able to pet the horses.

Great hike with a lot of variation and great views.

We went mid February and showed up around 8:30am. We didn’t see anyone else until we were on our way out about 11am.

The hike in was a little more difficult than the easy rating. There was a decent amount of snow on the ground and with the recent rain/more mild temperatures it was a little difficult to hike through - the snow was quite heavy. Dress prepared. Much easier hike out as most of the incline is on the way in.

The stream was quite nice and it started snowing while we were there. We didn’t try to move for warmer water, but would recommend. There are change facilities, but no toilets/outhouses. There are some steps to access the stream more easily.

The sun came out on our hike back and got to enjoy some of the views even more.

12 days ago

Did this trail in September, 2016. Surreal beauty. Was challenging to me but very doable. Plan to do it again at some point.

Fun hike., so beautiful covered in snow. Can be slick in some places though.

Do NOT miss!! Cave, river crossing on a log holding onto nothing but some wires, switchbacks on shake all the way up but view is incredible. Amazing overall experience. People will scare you from this hike, saying it takes a really long time or is really hard, but it’s moderate and can take as long as you want once you’re there because there are multiple points from which to view the amazing foss. Can not recommend this one enough!

Beautiful falls. NOT an easy trail though!! The constant uphill on the couple Km’s to get there makes it moderate in my opinion

Super difficult switchbacks all the way up on sand! Went on a foggy day and the higher you climb the rainier it gets, and no view- ended up turning around. Would definitely go back with more experience and on a better day

We had a little trouble finding the trail head, but just look for the little ladder over the fence and you’ll know you have the right spot.

Good trail! Completed in the snow. the trail does not run directly next to the river. you will have to bare right around the private property. Plenty of signs to help guide but if there were no snow tracks we wouldve never found it. Beautiful sights... mountains, rivers, 2 falls.

It’s ok like some of the people said it’s more of a walk than hike. I walked more like speed walked cuz it was raining sideways and 20 mph rain made it un-enjoyable. I was soaked by the time I got back to my car.

A great place to stretch your legs. The icebergs are beautiful, there is plenty of parking and space here making the area feel very peaceful.

Very easy gravel walk but felt really long due to the cold wind. You get to see an abandoned plane before you have to double back.

nature trips
2 months ago

Second tallest waterfall in Iceland is a must see! We were lucky to see a white Icelandic fox on our way up as well.

Absolutely stunning waterfall. By far the grandest waterfall I have ever seen. Be warned, extreme bugs for the first part of the trail by the river. Thousands of nat type bugs that will not leave you alone. They thin out once you get higher in elevation. Make it to the top and cross the river and descend down the other side. Less bugs, pretty views.

2 months ago

If you are an avid hiker and love the outdoors, Iceland is probably on the top of your vacation bucket list. There is a wide variety of unique landscapes and beautiful scenery packed into this small island. Have you wondered what is the best way to experience all this country has to offer in less than a week? The Laugavegur Trail has it all. While hiking the 55 km (34 mile) trek, you will experience four days worth of geothermal pools, rivers, lava fields, glaciers, canyons, and mountains; so many beautiful, colorful mountains. It is no wonder the Laugavegur is one of the most popular hikes in Iceland and attracts hikers from all over the globe.
Since Iceland’s summers are short, this hike can only be done between June and September. Expect nights to consist of freezing temperatures and the days to max out at about 15 degrees C (60 F). Also, weather can be unpredictable in the mountains so be prepared for severe wind, snow, sleet, and rain.
Most people start in Landmannalaugar and hike south towards Þórsmörk because of the overall decrease in elevation. To get to Landmannalaugar, there are several bus companies that leave right out of Reykjavik, and the ride is only a few hours. Once in Landmannalaugar the trailhead is easy to find, or pitch your tent and do some of the day hikes in the area.
Camping is only allowed in designated areas around the huts that are located along the trail. If you want to sleep in the huts, you should make reservations up to one year in advance as they fill up quickly and are quite expensive. However, if you don’t mind carrying all your supplies, there is unlimited space for tents at each camp area. Each hut has running water so there is no need to filter your water if you plan to carry enough for the entire day.
Most people do this hike in 3 nights and 4 days. There is an additional 1 to 2 days you can add on if you choose to hike from Þórsmörk to Skógar. Regardless if you continue to Skógar, there is a bus at either location to bring you back to Reykjavik.
Day One: Landmannalaugar – Hrafntinnusker
12 km (7.45 miles)
Elevation increase: 470 m (1,541 ft)
Start day one in Landmannalaugar N63°59.600 – W19°03.660. After you get off the bus you should easily be able to find the trailhead. Most of this day is uphill as you climb to Hrafntinnusker. Along the way you will come across several geothermal hot springs.
There will be views of surrounding mountains and you may experience snow cover as you gain elevation. Just before reaching Hrafntinnusker, you will come across a memorial for an Israeli hiker who died of hypothermia. After you reach Hrafntinnusker, there are several short day hikes you can take if time allows. N63°55.840 – W19°09.700.

Day Two: Hrafntinnusker – Álftavatn
12 km (7.45 miles)
Elevation decrease: 490 m (1,607 ft)
Day two starts by walking across a ravine until you reach an area with a short climb. Here you will see a spectacular panoramic view of colorful mountains.

This is the highest elevation for the hike. Next you will walk along a ridge until you reach another panoramic view of a green valley.

The trail now descends quickly into this valley towards a lake where Álftavatn Hut lies. This section is very steep with a lot of switchbacks. Once down in the valley, the trail flattens as you walk the final stretch to Álftavatn N63°51.470 – W19°13.640.
Day Three: Álftavatn – Emstrur (Botnar)
15 km (9.3 miles)
Elevation decrease: 40 m (131 ft)
Day three does not have as much elevation change, but that does not mean a lack in scenery. From the hut, you wade through a small river and continue hiking through the valley. After about 5 km (3 miles) you come across Hvanngil Hut where you can stay a night if you choose. After passing Hvanngil, you cross a bridge and come to a point in the trail where it splits. Follow the signs for F261 (Not F210) towards Emstrur.

After this, there is a large river that needs to be waded across. Use caution as the water can be deep and fast moving. Use hiking poles if available. Always unclip your waist and chest strap on you backpack in case you fall into the current and need to abandon your pack.

Then the trail leads through several lava fields where you will walk across black sand and lava rocks. Keep following the trail along a road until it splits and follow the signs towards the Emstrur Hut. Once you arrive, you will see much more vegetation. N63°45.980 – W19°22.480.

Day Four: Emstrur (Botnar) – Þórsmörk
15 km (9.3 miles)
Elevation decrease: 300 m (984 ft)
For the final day, you start by walking towards a canyon with a fast moving river. There is a steep descent down to a bridge where you can cross the river.

The trail follows this river along the edge of the canyon where you will get views of the river below and surrounding mountains. Towards the end of the day there is another river that needs to be crossed. The last short section of the trail continues through a small forest towards the huts in Þórsmörk. 63°40

Walked in high winds at the very end of November. The pool at the top of the board walk was really hot, even though it was starting to snow :)

Waterfalls that were going backwards - spraying up into the sky. We were blown UP the mountain.

2 months ago

This was a great hike (~2 hours at a leisurely pace, with plenty of time for photos), mostly flat, and offers beautiful, sweeping views of the canyon. Rooted in folklore, Asbyrgi canyon is believed to be the hoof print from Thor's horse, and Eyjan Hill puts you right at the center of it.

You can pick up a map at the visitor's center for around $3USD, but it's not entirely necessary (we kept ours as a souvenir). Just follow signs for "Eyjan" and you'll park near a campsite and (very clean!) bathrooms. From there you'll see signs for the trail.

You start with a short, flat walk along the base of the rock, then you ascend the rock with the help of wooden steps and some short, flat rock ledges. Once you're at the top of the rock, it's a flat stroll to the other end of the rock, with beautiful views all along the way. This hike is easy and family-friendly, and had very little traffic compared to other parts of Iceland.

It was one of our favorite hikes during our week-long trip there, just due to the few people we saw, and beauty and peace of it all.

3 months ago

It was a great little hike. We got lucky with some cooperative weather and the view was amazing! The trail is not marked at all and the first half is a little difficult to follow as there is no defined track. The second half is more defined, but gets challenging heading up the mountain. All in all, it was a fun hike and I would totally recommend it to someone who doesn’t struggle with following the GPS and a map.

Beautiful hike, but be careful if snowy- the trail can be very slippery since it’s so steep.

Absolutely beautiful scenery. The lava field portion is a bit hard on the knees and ankles but it’s worth the hike.

3 months ago

If you like waterfalls - this isn’t to be missed.

3 months ago

Fantastic hike..the warm springs dip added depth to hike

Nice easy hike along the coastline. Beautiful sweeping views

Beautiful scenery. Easy hiike

Easy, but fun. Great falls.

Very easy. Expected more. Better hiking in Iceland than this one.

3 months ago

Stop on Icelandic golden circle. There is entrance fee.

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