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on Dimmuborgir Loop

13 hours ago

Pleasant place to walk, lots of interesting formations, as well as little nooks and crannies and fun surprises. Easy stroll on mostly narrow, paved lanes, with a few well-marked trail options of varying lengths. Some opportunities for a bit of easy optional climbing for some great views, especially of Hverfjall. Connects to other, much longer trail networks. Was there in May, saw several other folks, but the layout helps you feel more solitary. Quiet. Staying on trail (in-between ropes) is suggested to preserve the area, and promote safety. Possible to get lost otherwise, as there's lots of wilderness surrounding. Several parking spaces, with room for larger vehicles. Visitor center with food and facilities on-site (but not always open). Would return.
#walking #views #easy #facilities

21 hours ago

Amazing hike. We took our time and stayed the night on the pass. Jaw dropping scenery and waterfalls like I’ve never imagined. Knee deep snow, sleet, and green canyons. Truly as good as it gets.

Beautiful, challenging and fun.

Amazing mountain hike. Definitely bring water shoes for crossing. The first lower crossing has a cable and then partial small log. The above waterfalls crossing has nothing. It was too deep and much wider for us to cross in mid June (would be doable but very cold and longer time in water). Amazing views- everything you’d expect and want to see in an Iceland hike. It is strenuous with lots of uphill parts and large elevation changes- bring water and snacks.

Fantastic hike again!! Water shoes are very helpful. The river runs cold and crossing quick keeps feeling in your feet. Steep spots have hand lines and A lot of work has gone into the trail over the past year. Props to those doing the work!

What an awesome trail! This was one of my favorites because we kinda stumbled upon it. Gorgeous views!

Such a gorgeous trail and awesome workout! The view from the top is awesome, and if you keep going there’s another awesome waterfall area.

8 days ago

Loved this trail! Gorgeous views all around! Little creeks and and small waterfalls along the trail and near the end there’s a little creek cave you can walk up to another small waterfall. Absolutely gorgeous!

Beautiful views going up. Easy hike and well marked trail.

This trail is quite busy in the spring when we went. There is pavement for most of the climb up until you reach the river in which you can change into a swim suit and hop in. I highly suggest hopping into the river... it is only bath temperature so don't expect the hot spring feel. It was worth it though.

11 days ago

Hiked in to the bridge that crosses the Skoga River. 21 waterfalls along approximately 5 miles of moderate to challenging trail with an elevation gain of 520 meters. Yes I will do it again! Just keep going along the river and follow the numbered wooden stakes blazed blue on top!

This was a fun hike. That being said the out and back to the bathing area is an easy hike. We followed the map provided here and completed the 7 miles which goes beyond the bathing area doing a loop and then joining the trail at the bathing area and back down. The upper loop should not be considered easy and hiking boots should be worn. There is a spot where the trail narrows and chains are fastened to rocks that help you hang on. We were not in shoes with enough traction and had to cross here barefoot.

Stunning views of two waterfalls! Bit of a river to cross and a steep at parts but well worth the climb!

Nice walk that takes you all through town. Walked the city the day before and this took me to places I would have missed.

Best trail in the world.

Water levels were very high and made for exciting river crossings. Bring real water shoes! We did it bare-footed. The river crossing above the falls was extremely cold and painful without shoes. Beauty here is also extreme. Climb is very steep in some parts and the decent slippery - but nothing treacherous. It took us 4 hours to hike, stop for lunch and take lots of photos.

28 days ago

Excellent hike! Good workout, when you get to the split at the bridge go right for "easier" but longer route and left for strenuous but shorter route.

29 days ago

Amazing hike. We went the first week in June when the trails are first open and there was still a ton of snow at the top of the peak. Just as a heads up, it does make a difference which way you go. If you start at Landmannalaugar, you do the steepest and snowiest trek the first day up to the first hut. After that it's more gradual downs and ups, and you descend into different beautiful terrains. Going the opposite way I'm sure is just as beautiful but prepared to end with snow.

Also be prepared to cross a lot of rivers - you will undoubtedly get wet in at least one of them.

great hike! crossing the river with the water being knee high was pretty intense, but totally worth it. once you cross the river you start to climb and can see the amazing waterfall. if you turn around the valley is also very picturesque. it snowed, rained, and then became very sunny on our trip!

1 month ago

Fun quick hike with a great view!
A must do!

1 month ago


Beautiful waterfall!! East steps to the top.

Beautiful, easy and slick behind the waterfall.

Best hike I have done in Iceland after 5 months here

Did this hike in mid March. We were the first car in the parking lot ~7AM. The first 2-ish miles have a decent amount of elevation gain. Unfortunately there was some dense fog in spots so we couldn't enjoy the views as much as we would have liked. The thermal river is really interesting. It was in the low 30's F when we were there, so we did our best to submerge our bodies entirely. It's almost more of a stream than a river (at least by my American standards). Getting out was definitely the worst part. Having to dry off and change while it was snowing was an interesting experience. 2 other couples came while we were in the water, and saw several more people hiking up on our way down. Get there early if you want some privacy.

1 month ago

Went here in mid march, and only saw 2 other people on the trail on the way to the Svartifoss. On the way back we passed about 40 people who had come in on a bus. If you can get there early and beat the buses, then you should have the place almost to yourself.

1 month ago

The waterfall itself is spectacular, but you should definitely do the trail above the falls. Practically no people, and there are a ton of waterfalls along the river that feed Skogafoss. Plenty of opportunities to take pictures with hardly another person in sight.

1 month ago

Great walk up on the glacier. All you need are some yak Trax to follow the trail.

April 18, 2018. The path is closed. Too muddy which causes people to track around mud which in turn makes it even more trampled. Great walk nevertheless going down and back on the front side. 2.05 total to do parking lot to first falls then trail down to hidden falls and back.

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