Looking for a great trail near Waialua, Hawaii? AllTrails has 11 great hiking trails, views trails, forest trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Round Top Forest Reserve or Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Kuaokala Forest Reserve. Ready for some activity? There are 6 moderate trails in Waialua ranging from 1 to 15.6 miles and from 26 to 2,211 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!




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Waialua, Oahu Map

Paved trail, but three miles uphill. Will give you a good workout if your condition is not the best. Views are stunning after you make it up and out of the vegetation. The North Shore is gorgeous. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen — a larger part of the trail is open and exposed.

Need permit and it’s not Waialua. You go to the west side through Waianae and Makaha.

scenic driving
23 days ago

The North Shore scenic drive is beautiful! Unfortunately we had island rain today, but it was perfect day to stay dry and drive the highway. Perfect places to stop and take pictures. Saw a Hawaiian Monk Seal taking a nap on the beach.

I enjoyed this hike but it really kicked my ass! I’m out of shape and my husband (who has done this before) pushed me, he got told off several times LOL, but once I made it to the top I could see why!! The trail starts off relatively easy but the higher up I got the steeper it got too. The trail is paved for the most part and you have good views from the top.

private property
1 month ago

Saddened by the inability to hike this trail. Upon arrival, there was a vehicle that was clearly broken into and police were taking a report. Additionally, this hike is on YMCA grounds: address: 69-385 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI 96791. Trail should reflect private property.

1 month ago

Protect your vehicle and belongings!
This trail is short and sweet with lots of opportunity to scramble and enjoy the great views but leaving your nice car nearby to hike is risky. Entering the trail was lots of fresh glass from a car window. Be careful!
As for the actual rock climbing part, respect the lands and the signage stating a permit is needed.

1 month ago

Short hike with lots of fun scrambling to reach an amazing view. We ventured to a little scramble area that looked like it’d reach the peak but we turned around with the kiddos.

rock climbing
1 month ago

I would appreciate if you would give me an IG follow. @d_jacobs1
I live in Honolulu and I’m an avid climber. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice.

I did this hike November 17. Manini Pali is not something I wouldn’t recommend, especially since the reward is not the greatest. My partner and I got lost many times along the way up and down. We eventually found a rope section after an intense rock limb. We basically had to make our own way out before dusk. Very overgrown, a lot of scrambling, rocks you cannot see. Take a machete if you plan to do this hike.

parked at the mokuleia trailhead. paved switchbacks climbing into the hills eventually change to a dirt (mud) road. up and down and around it goes, relatively monotonous scenery until you get near the kealia side of the trail. good views of north shore and small glimpses at the West side. about three extra miles along the highway if you want to finish the loop. not overly challenging- length, decent grade, and mud make it a moderate difficulty hike

2 months ago

I started this trail but I didn't make it far past the bedrocks before I saw a couple huge spiders in the brush and noped it. I got past one but when I saw another large one, I decided to turn around and try a different trail. Everyone was right about the overgrowth. I went in the morning, so the dew left me pretty damp - maybe something to keep in mind.

2 months ago

Easy to find! Great hike if you’re looking for adventure that doesn’t take all day! Up and back in an hour or less!

This is a great hike. 80% paved road 10% dirt road and 10% trail. Just go past the fourth gate and over the bridge then it is all up hill from there. Very few plateaus along the way up. When you hit the gate at the top turn left and head (up) the dirt road .... yes more up! When the dirt road ends the hiking path begins, over all the hiking path is in good condition and well maintained. If you do this one after it has rained it gets muddy starting at the dirt road and all the way up to the top.

If you hike this one after it has rained you will be able to work on your sliding skills and balance on the way down, even the road gets a little slippy when wet.

The only recommendation on this one is to bring lots of water and a few snacks ...........enjoy.

I went to watch Pipleline, but the surf was no good that day. Watch out for sudden high waves if you walk along the waters edge, especially in winter.

2 months ago

Like one person wrote (this one is not for the faint of heart) I would not say this is hiking it is more like a nice stroll until you turn of the road then it becomes lots of bushwhacking and rock climbing. It is very easy to find yourself off of the trail and standing in the middle of thick bush looking around and asking yourself were did the trail go!. I recommend that you start early as it will take a few hours, take lost of water, snacks, first aid kit, spare pair of pants and a machete. The rock climbing part is easy if you have a little experience climbing. The trail claimed a little bit of skin and one pair of hiking pants.

There are a few pluses for those who endure and complete the climb to the top, the views are excellent and photo's can not do it justice. I heard there is a rope on the trail but I did not find it and finally you know if someone made it to the top as there are two items the have been implanted into the rocks and anyone who has made it to the top will know what they are.

This hike is dedicated to (E) you know who you are.

Enjoy and be safe.

2 months ago

Hiked December 2018,

Ok for starts, unlike most of the trails on the island, you actually have to get a permit in order to hike this trail. There are two Doppler Radars on top of this mountain that belong to the US Air-force and you will need to mail off for the permit ahead of time and present it to the guard at the main gate. Once you’re past that guard, two more guards will meet you at another checkpoint to let you back to where the tile starts. You’ll see a small barricade down at the bottom of a hill that will let you know where to park and a sign before you get to the actual hiking trail describing the location of a few more hikes in that area.
Make sure you pay attention to this next part so I can save you the trouble of repeating our mistakes. The sign I just mention will point you in the direction of the off road trail made for any 4WD vehicle. The actual hike you are looking for is kinda hidden on the other side to your immediate right of the off road trail. Again, make sure you pay attention to that detail because my happy ass went hiking 4.5 miles down the off road trail just to get to the same location that the actual Kuaokala trail takes you to.
It was actually a blessing in disguise since we didn’t bring the leash for the dogs and probably would have regretted it on the actual trail anyway. There are signs posted on a fence at the top that tells you the area is hazardous to dogs due to the snares they have set up to catch pigs and Ferrell goats. I’m actually glad we went the long way around because the view at the top of the hike has to be one of the most beautiful openings I have seen since I’ve been on the island. Had we hiked the correct trail, it would have spoiled the surprise.
This hike was worth the 5 hours we put into it just for the view alone. The actual real hike would have taken an hour at most but I’d definitely do it again and highly recommend it.

2 months ago

Short hike, sort of steep on the way up, some climbing up little boulders. We did it after Kaena and we were pretty tired but it was doable. Would not have been bad if we hadn’t already been hiking. There’s one or two nice views at the top.

Had a great time on this hike. Beautiful and a good challenge. I definitely recommend it.

You need a permit, which you can get here https://camping.ehawaii.gov/camping/all,e-search.html
Guard shack down by Yokohamas' has 6am-6pm operating hours.

Didn't get to experience. Gave 1 star as I had to put star to post review. FYI NEED A PERMIT TO DO THIS HIKE. MILITARY LAND. just left now.

this was a cool trail. trailhead is not marked well nor is the parking area. check in at the YMCA camp and you park there. walking thru tall grass so you will get wet. as you get into gulch there are some really fun climbs with the ropes there, however you will get to the furthest most spot and you will need climbing gear to make it to the top. there are anchors and a guide rope to set up top roping. it was fun and you will sweat like crazy, would recommend going early. also, you are hiking up a gulch so heavy rain would make it possibly dangerous. hiking out we lost trail for a few minutes because we were not fully paying attention, app got us back on trail. the bugs are heavy as well, my wife got eaten up.

4 months ago

Top things to know:
1) You need a permit to get to the trailhead. You can get it online at: https://trails.ehawaii.gov
2) You'll need IDs for everyone in your party to get through the military gate.
3) The hike is beautiful, but the end of the trail isn't worth going to (unless you are just looking for exercise). Instead stop at an eroded bluff just before you pass through the first metal hog gate. GPS: 21.55143, -158.22098
4) The track listed here isn't the topo line on Gaia GPS, but the trail is well marked from the parking area and easy to follow.


The hike is a great workout! About 3 miles uphill but so worth the views. Children might have a difficult time with this hike unless you take them in a stroller. Bring snacks so you can picnic at the campground. It’s very peaceful there.

Awesome views and great shrimp trucks!

5 months ago

A short hike up to a favorite rappelling spot above Camp Kaena.

The trailhead is located across from Camp Erdman YMCA, Mokuleia. The first portion is actually an evacuation trail called MRP Evacuation Trail. The latter portion entails some climbing, rock scrambling, and more climbing. I rated it difficult mostly because it involves some rope climbing.

did yhis 2 years ago, i was 61, not in great shape but I made it to the submit.

nice challenge, a few of the switch backs are really steep but take them slow and rest.

once at the top the view is more than worth it. i recommend bringing a pole the walk down can be brutal on the knees.

trail running
6 months ago

Incredible trail with views of both the west and north shores. View my recording on 16 August 2018 if you would like to make this trail a loop.

Don’t waste your time walking this long ass service road! Get a permit drive up and check out the upper trails that way! It kicked my ass though not gonna lie. Some nice views but to me not worth the hike. This is great for training and cardio. Wouldn’t do it again. This is a long one people! Bring plenty of water and snacks/food. I may seem harsh but I was hungry the whole way....lol. Honestly though okay to skip it. It’s A road for the majority of it!

Not recommended on a hot day if you're not in fairly good shape. Bring sunscreen!! Great cardio as 3.2 miles is uphill and decent views of parts of North Shore along the way.

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