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Didn’t feel worth it, it was so crowded (even on a week day morning) that we couldn’t enjoy the views. The food at the bottom was nice though haha.

Tourist trap. I felt like I was in line the every time. You do this in foam flip flops, which a lot of folks did.

off trail
17 hours ago

This is a short trail off of the main makapu'u lighthouse path. If the wind isn't too bad and the waves aren't too big then it will be a nice dip in the water. A little bit of a scramble but it is very clearly marked on rocks along the path. Overall a great view and a nice little hike.

A very crowded trail, but still well-worth checking it out. There is a very cool section of trail cut through a tunnel, and another long flight of stairs up to the main views. When we went the parking lot was full so we parked in a residential neighbourhood nearby and walked in.

Beautiful views from the top! Paved trail with steps at the end.

Aloha! Fun hike. Can be muddy like lots of the ridges out here on island. Definitely not a short one. Microspikes are nice to have. At minimum please wear proper hiking footwear and be prepared. Bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @mike.karas or my email mikekarasphotography@gmail.com for info or other questions. I’ve done most of the hikes on the island before. Also please pack out your trash! Too many litterbugs on the island sadly. Mahalo!

Solo traveler here! Looking for hiking companions or to join an organized group this Thursday morning 2/20 preferably as early as possible. Feel free to reach out on IG @ccstuffington or directly message me 215-688-8504. Thanks!

it has a great view but so many people!

More so a tourist attraction than an actual hike, something you’d see with the family and not for actual hiking. Path is paved on the way up, and at the top you have some real beautiful views of Waikiki and the coastline.

This hike is absolutely beautiful. Its all paved so i wouldnt really consider it a “hike” but 100% worth a trip and the fee. The trail was pretty crowded when i went so be prepared for some backup. The top was packed with everyone single person taking pictures of every single angle, so get ready for that too lol. But its a great trek. The military stuff was very cool. I wasnt expecting that. Just super fun and if you are in any kind of shape, this is a easy chill hike. Enjoy : )

Was way too crowded and couldn’t really enjoy. The views were awesome but that was it. We loved the pineapple smoothie afterwards though!

no shade
3 days ago

This trail, although one of the most popular on the island, is incredibly more hyped than need be. It’s extremely overcrowded with tourists which makes the hike twice as long. Not to mention you have to stand around a lot waiting to continue to hike up (and sometimes down) as well as to take a photo. Literally felt like I was on a jam packed conveyor belt the entire time. There’s zero shade. Mosquitos. Parking is a nightmare (you’re better off walking in). And the fee is $1 per person or $5 per vehicle if you get a spot. My favorite part was the Pineapple Smoothie at the end. Otherwise, super disappointing. IG: @ chateags

Absolutely beautiful trail, especially close to sunset when the sun is moving behind the mountains. Be aware that the upper half of the trail is very exposed to the wind, so watch your hat.

Hiked the trail on 2/16; trail was in decent condition. Muddy at times, but definitely hikable. Was hesitant to hike due to reviews I read. I don’t consider myself an experienced hiker and have an average fitness level. Did the hike in running shoes. Bring adequate water, snack and watch your step and you should be good!

Trail was great but the loop on the right side runs into a dead end. Maybe if you are into scaling cliffs you can complete it to hike the other mountain top. We had to turn around at the bottom and climb the steep hill back. Pretty cool view at the end and not as treacherous as it looks from above. We saw four sea turtles swimming in a cove.

Nice little inclined paved at times rocky trail

Started at 7:10am and finished around 3:30pm. We were at the top for at least 45 minutes. Would 100% recommend micro spikes for the way down. Did not wear them for the way up. They made a huge difference for the last mile at the top where it’s muddy. It’s doable without spikes but just takes longer and a little more nerve racking worrying about slipping. Wind was very strong and made it sketchy on the ridge but just stay aware of it and you’ll be fine.

Awesome hike to watch the sunrise that isn’t physically demanding. Extremely packed trails however, so expect a lot of standing around and waiting.

I read reviews on this app, before the hike to get a better understanding of terrain and hopefully helpful tips, but all the reviews made it seem like you had to be a expert climber/experienced hiker(not the case) we ran into multiple couples in their late 50’s early 60’s trekking just fine, also lots of tourist saying they heard about it the night before and decided to do it the following morning. !!granted it was muddy and fairly windy towards the top, I would encourage some type of hiking shoe, or slip on spikes. Also it was fairly chilly toward the top I would recommend a light wind breaker/waterproof hoodie! Take A substantial amount of of water some power snacks! Hope this helps!

Went for sunrise. Full of tourists and bugs!

Great view, but so crowded it took about 2x as long as Expected.

no shade
5 days ago

Awesome trail with beautiful views. Lots of scrambling up muddy terrain. Definitely 10+ miles round trip and worth it. Not too kid friendly. Try to stay dry to prevent blisters. Bathrooms at the trailhead but the gate is only open 7am-7pm. I don’t think dogs would do to well on the upper parts (about mile 4-5).

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