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This was my favorite hike that I was able to do while in Kauai. We began the hike at 11AM and there were hardly any other visitors. The weather fully cooperated allowing us a sunny, colorful view of the canyon and falls; and boy was it a sight! Truly Amazing! Prior to going, I heard many stories of people who visited and when they arrived, the fog was so thick they weren’t able to see a thing. In my opinion, you just have to do it and hope for the best because unfortunately, in Kauai you can’t rely on weather reports as the weather here changes from one minute to the next.

Great hike, great views when the clouds would part. Others have said it was muddy, which I thought meant inches of mud. It was muddy, but only about a half inch or less of mud. The mud can be very slick though, so a hiking pole is helpful.

Nice and easy with great views.

Great path to go bike riding. Renter bikes right off the path for $5 an hour. You can do the whole thing in an hour or less. It's a paved path that hugs the coast

Pretty beach walk.

no shade
4 days ago

Great trail! Someone else wrote it's a "choose your own adventure" which is 100% true. There are multiple paths to take (they all turn into one towards the end) but we took the path closest to the ocean and it was beautiful. Not much shade but great views.

Great hike with awesome views. Hiked all the way past the chin with group consisting of 12, 15, 17, 45, & 46 year olds and would rate moderate to hard. Started up at 1:30 pm and didn’t encounter much rain or mud. Bring plenty of water as you sweat a lot due to the humidity.

Moderate first half and tough second half. Awesome view on the chin of the sleeping giant!

Easy - moderate. Good trail to take visitors of all fitness levels. Nice payoff at the end - beautiful views.

Moderately to heavily trafficked. Went on a Saturday, easy to find many signs and finished it off by adding the black pipe trail which is really just a longer more mellow accent loop back to the 4x4 road. Lots of people. Slightly muddy from rain the night before but nothing too gnarly

If you java a 4x4 save yourself 30 mins from walking down dirt road or hitch a ride down to trail head. Once at bottom of road only 25 mins to falls. Views of canyon are great, go along ridge trail for best views. The falls are nice but not the best.

8 days ago

A great jungle hike if you have about 2 and a half hours and want to stay near Wailua/Kapaa area. Most of the trail is a gradual incline. Nice wide trail. Leads to a bridge over a creek. You pad through a beautiful “paper” eucalyptus Forrest. Lots of wild flowers. Great trail for fit kids over the age of 8.

9 days ago

Beautiful trail...little muddy in parts! Great way to see some beautiful Hawaii jungle! As other reviews said, go passed the picnic tables for some beautiful views!!

9 days ago

10 days ago

The hike was challenging since we did it on a very wet, misty day. Our shoes kept getting stuck in the mud and could not see any views the whole hike. I had hiking shoes and waking poles, which made it sightly easier, but still kept slipping. I’m sure it would be a very different story during a dry and clear day.

Heavily trafficked trail. Moderate with some scramble. Mainly sunny with sections of shade.

Super fun and scenic hike/walk. I do it with my two year old all the time. We like to stay on the trail close to the ocean, but there are a lot of trails you can take... some routes are more shaded. Sunrise and sunset are EPIC on this trail. Can get really hot if you do it midday!

incredible hike with consistently amazing views. be sure to continue along the ridge at the picnic table for the best views on the hike!

14 days ago

Lots of people hike this trail. On our way down at about 11am we passed 70+ people. Nice views. Parking is scarce if you don't get there early.

very muddy and slippery, otherwise great hike and beautiful view!

Probably our favorite beach on the island. Yeah, yeah.. it's not a "secret" anymore but it was so fun! The hike itself was fun to and from the beach. Might need to take it a bit slower on the way back up if you're not used to short moderate hikes. Wore my tevas and did not have an issue.

Though the waters are a bit rough, it was still shallow enough for us to enjoy and play against the waves. But stay close to the shore if you're easily scared of the waters. We also watched a bunch of surfers too and it was great. Have fun! This was the best part of our trip

A nice little hike. A little muddy but nothing we couldn’t handle.

16 days ago

When I think muddy I'm thinking over the shoes sinking, this trail is not. What it is slippery mud from the rain a couple of days ago but only for the first 10-15 minutes on the shade side. It clears up afterwards. We did this hike April 2 2019. Trekking poles are worth their weight in gold but there was about 40-50 good sticks at the trail head. And wear some shoes, or better yet hiking shoes. We seen so many people wearing sandals and sliding all over the place. Fun hike and the views are awesome into the canyon. The water fall is just okay.

Bring lots of water. Bring lots of water. Bring lots of water. Beautiful hike but almost entirely in the sun. If you hang close to the water, you get some awesome views.

19 days ago

Great beach. Rough waters but still swimmable and if not, there are surfers to watch

started the hike from the Niihau viewpoint instead of the suggested starting point. Trails were well marked but slippery and muddy. Walking stick/poles are super helpful as well as hiking shoes. The views are gorgeous and no bugs at the waterfall!
Don't skip the second waterfall , even though you can't swim in it , the view is amazing.

Loved every bit...sand, shoreline, cliffs, pines, rocks...nice combination. Beautiful views!

washed out
20 days ago

Lots of mud, making this trail fun but slippery. Get over keeping your shoes clean, quick and enjoy the squish! Careful on the way down, the mud was easier to navigate going up. The last climb to the neck was worth it.

Compared to Makahela Falls...this hike is cake...

Did this hike in a complete downpour but had a blast. Some very muddy/slippery spots. Views are spectacular when the clouds cleared but most of the time we hiked thru complete cloud coverage. A small waterfall at the end and the option to hike down a bit more to stand at the top of a much bigger falls. Highly recommend, especially on a clear day! But the mud and rain are fun too!

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