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1 day ago

Amazing! We rented kayaks from the village for &35 a person, had a picnic lunch there and kayaked from there. Wouldn’t take a guided tour, it’s so easy to find and the village plays you a video showing how to get there and they have a map. Recommend hiking boots you don’t mind getting wet or dirty, trail was fairly dry but can see how muddy it would get after rain. There are a few small river crossings. Falls are amazing to swim in!

Amazing! We rented kayaks from the village for &35 a person, had a picnic lunch there and kayaked from there. Wouldn’t take a guided tour, it’s so easy to find and the village plays you a video showing how to get there and they have a map. Recommend hiking boots you don’t mind getting wet or dirty, trail was fairly dry but can see how muddy it would get after rain. There are a few small river crossings. Falls are amazing to swim in!

This is a very nice hike and no mud when we hiked mid-April. Nice switchbacks on the way up and the trail is well marked. There is one tricky part about 1/3 mile up the trail where it looks like the trail goes straight but you actually want to follow the red arrows painted on the rock and turn right and this is the only tricky rock scramble part. It is partly sunny, partly shaded but fairly steep so make sure to bring enough water. Nice views all the way up.

Great hike from the west side, more difficult and straight up. Did not go to the top as I am a little afraid of heights, but did go a little ways up and the view is beautiful.

off trail
over grown
washed out
3 days ago

If you were up for an adventure, this is the trail for you. It is very challenging to follow, and when you’re unable to follow you will quickly discover lots of diversion trails where others have lost the main trail and wondered in different directions. This can take you through some very nasty blow downs and tricky sections.

When you arrive at the trail there is a water tank and a small area to park your car. You then begin heading in on a road that runs next to the tank and the fence. The road veers to the left at the end of the fence and follows the backside of the tank and then bears to the right as you approach the river. It remains drivable for another hundred yards or so and then becomes the trail.

As you begin the hike about 100 yards in, after you get off the drivable part of the trail you will come across your first stream crossing. Unfortunately, I did not see this one and followed trails that went to the right. This was a big mistake and had me bushwhacking on a very nasty section along the right side of the river for about a quarter of a mile. However, if you do cross in the right place you will quickly enter a relatively easy to follow trail in the bamboo forests.

Keep in mind that for the most part the trail is pretty obvious when you’re on it. If you feel like you are wrestling with the woods too much, you are likely not on the trail and should circle back and try and find the main trail.

About a third of the way up the trail it begins to become a little trickier with lots of muddy scrambles over roots and fallen trees and rocks. In some places, if the river isn’t too high, it might be best just to rock hop up the center of the river then try and stay on the nasty muddy trail.

About 2/3 of the way into the hike the valley and the river splits. There is a smaller river coming from the left which if you follow for a few hundred yards you will discover a small fall that is worth the extra hike.

If you follow the main trail you will take the fork to the right and a few hundred yards past that fork, you will come to the main fall at the end of the trail. There is a great swimming pool and a place where people jump off the rocks. I took a few moments for a swim before heading down.

I completed the whole hike including the extra 20 minute diversion to the smallest falls in a little over 2 1/2 hours including a few minutes of taking pictures and a swim. However, I was limited in time and moving quickly. You would probably enjoy the experience better if you gave yourself at least four hours to complete the hike.


4 days ago

Great hike with many amazing views. I’d definitely do this again.

Paddle: ~45min each way
Hike - ~30min each way not including swim time

HIGHLY recommend renting your own kayak as opposed to joining a tour. The guided tour isn't necessary as you only make 1 turn on the river to find the trail, and the trail is easy to follow. Plus there are many, many other people doing this to follow if that is your concern.
Self-guided allows you to avoid the ultra-crowded bottlenecks by blowing past groups, and also allows you to start before the tours. Wailua Kayak & Canoe opens at 7am and is right on the river. Cost $50/person. Pricey, but worth it in my opinion. We were able to have the falls to ourselves to swim (for a brief 5 minutes), and never felt too crowded on the river itself.

We were lucky in that it's been relatively dry here for many days, so the trail was not too muddy as others reported, and the stream crossings were safe and easy. Hard to give a judgment for what to expect as conditions could easily change. Sandals with a strap (chacos) worked fine for us.

4 days ago

Talk about challenging

over grown
4 days ago

I finally found the trail on the way down. It would have been a much easier hike up if I knew the trail location. Very difficult to find and kept losing the trail. So did many people I came across. But the reward was awesome. Hard hike but fun.

beautiful, quiet, secluded beach but very slippery after the rain

Great hike and glad I went the West trail, fewer people...
it"s straight up but well worth the effort.
The views are amazing at the top but if you are like me go early and avoid the mob.
would definitely do it again.

5 days ago

Great time and place!!!

This was my favorite hike that I was able to do while in Kauai. We began the hike at 11AM and there were hardly any other visitors. The weather fully cooperated allowing us a sunny, colorful view of the canyon and falls; and boy was it a sight! Truly Amazing! Prior to going, I heard many stories of people who visited and when they arrived, the fog was so thick they weren’t able to see a thing. In my opinion, you just have to do it and hope for the best because unfortunately, in Kauai you can’t rely on weather reports as the weather here changes from one minute to the next.

Had a great time. Booked 7 AM tour through Dukes Kayak Adventures. Our group consisted of our party of five and another party of two. However, tons of other tour companies do this tour at the same time making it a bit crowded. Kayak and hiking portions were a little under 2 miles each. Trail was very muddy in my opinion but our guide only rated it a 3 out of ten on the muddy scale. Guess he’s seen much worse! The waterfall and swim are well worth it though. Would’ve given it 5 stars based on beauty alone but had to give it only four due to the crowds.

5 days ago

Not much of a hike, but the beach is beautiful. Great place to spend a few hours basking in the beauty of this private cove. Parked at Princeville Sea Lodge resort (limited parking spots designated for trail) and took hiked from there. Trail was a little muddy but very doable.

Great hike, great views when the clouds would part. Others have said it was muddy, which I thought meant inches of mud. It was muddy, but only about a half inch or less of mud. The mud can be very slick though, so a hiking pole is helpful.

great views. go further than the picnic table and a small scramble to the top. come back to the picnic table for lunch.

Pretty beach walk.

A few days without rain makes this trail mudless. Lots of hikers on our way down. Not to difficult in these conditions, would be more difficult with mud. A few interesting lookout points.

Great hike but a bit muddy in the middle. No rain today so we thought it may not be as slippery. Beautiful view and definitely worth it.

Great hike with awesome views. Hiked all the way past the chin with group consisting of 12, 15, 17, 45, & 46 year olds and would rate moderate to hard. Started up at 1:30 pm and didn’t encounter much rain or mud. Bring plenty of water as you sweat a lot due to the humidity.

Moderate first half and tough second half. Awesome view on the chin of the sleeping giant!

Awesome hike went with two kids (2year and 4month) made it 1mile weather wasn’t great we got a couple of drops and headed back. We didn’t want to do the hike with wet unstable path, definitely recommend the views are amazing worth it! It definitely isn’t ideal for kids there is a part where yo7 have to climd some rocks and it’s scary with kiddos and if your caring them; very narrow parts!

Easy - moderate. Good trail to take visitors of all fitness levels. Nice payoff at the end - beautiful views.

Moderately to heavily trafficked. Went on a Saturday, easy to find many signs and finished it off by adding the black pipe trail which is really just a longer more mellow accent loop back to the 4x4 road. Lots of people. Slightly muddy from rain the night before but nothing too gnarly

The distance is underestimated. It is closer to 10km and it took us 7 hours. Be prepared: good hiking shoes, wear trousers ans long sleeves (the flora is itchy).
But what a reward to reach the top! Really muddy and slippery today (it was raining last night).

Such a fun hike! Be ready to get muddy!!! Once you reach the picnic tables, keep going along the path to the right. You’ll have to do some rock climbing, but the peak is 100% worth it!! Can’t wait to do this one again.

If you java a 4x4 save yourself 30 mins from walking down dirt road or hitch a ride down to trail head. Once at bottom of road only 25 mins to falls. Views of canyon are great, go along ridge trail for best views. The falls are nice but not the best.

Great little trail that doesn’t take too long. Views are great from the top. Don’t miss the cave’s. When you complete the last scramble up about 10’ of rock, go down path to the left for about 20 feet. You’ll be glad you did.

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