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Koloa, Kauai Map

Gorgeous hike. The views are stunning and the trail is properly rated given some steeper sections. I enjoyed the golf course section as it gave me an opportunity to check out course conditions which looked excellent. Regardless this section is relatively short.

We did see a Hawaiian monk seal on the return enjoying the sun. This hike follows the shoreline and we found it easy to follow and was a relatively easy hike.

We ended up continuing past the end of this trail in attempts to hike out to Kawelikoa Point but did not bring enough water to get that far and had to turn back a mile ore two short of the final summit. Lesson learned, bring more water than you expect to use on any hike in Kauai, you may decide you want to go farther than you planned, every turn brings you new views that you want to see.

For those who want to continue the hike past the first barb wire fence is easy enough to get around but the trail gets more difficult once past the second fence with some prickly bushes and steeper climbs. Again these fences are not part of this trail.

With added hiking we did past the end of this trail it was almost 20 km ( 12.5 miles) out and back. To get to Kawelikoa Point from the start of this trail would likely be close to 25 km out and back.

4 days ago

Hiked the trail on 2/17/19 and despite all the rain, trail was in great shape. Trail is comprised of mostly sand but some sections had red dirt that was slightly muddy. Not ankle deep mud, but muddy enough to watch your step to avoid slipping. Went all the way to the end and back in just over 2 hours. Great views of the Kauai coast so be sure to stop and take in the beauty.

10 days ago

This should probably be taken off. We tried the trail but had to turn back after 1/2 mile because of heavy heavy bushwhacking. It’s so obvious the trail has not been used forever.

Gorgeous views of the ocean. The golf course section is not as bad as some make it sound we just kept looking at the ocean. We went late afternoon and finished up close to sunset which made for some great photos. Much more fun than sleeping giant the day before in the rain, 45 mph winds and the mud lots and lots of mud! We even saw a monk seal. It's a must do.

Great trail. Pick up sandwiches before the hike and picnic on the beach.

really beautiful hike along the ocean with very dramatic waves and spray. a good portion of the walk is on sand which can take a little longer to hike through but it’s a good leg workout! least enjoyable part was thru the golf course, but pretty on either side! really cool to walk thru old religious grounds by the ocean.

We loved this hike! Amazing ocean and cliff views views on a clear day. Mostly sunny with some shady spots. Footing is sand, rough rocks and dirt and there is a little rock scrambling if you want. There were plenty of other hikers but we found a lovely deserted and protected beach near the end with calm water, even in January, and took a little swim. A delightful surprise along the route is the Makauwaki cave reserve. Check it out!
Highly recommended hike.

Great for families. Sunrise views all along but the best are about midway thru

I was lukewarm on this hike but so glad I went. The trail is unlike many on the island with unique terrain and views. Easy parking at shipwreck beach. Get there at dawn for sunrise and ahead of the crowds. Made it to the labyrinth at the end, including the sinkhole detour- which was just meh. The golf course section sucks, but a necessary segment to get to the less trafficked parts. Lots more people on return leg. Next time, I’d bring a suit to enjoy the secluded beaches. A lovely day if you are looking for beachy hike. I think it took me less than 3 hours- ish.

Loved the diversity of this coastline hike. Saw several turtles!!

We thoroughly enjoyed this scenic walk along the coast on low limestone and volcanic cliffs. You can take a short detour along the route to visit Makauwahi cave reserve and enter two of the caves. A naturalist was there giving a talk and answering questions. It was a pleasant surprise and pretty interesting but not exactly a thrill. Near the end of the hike we took a little swim in a deserted, protected cove. All in all a really good experience. Highly recommended if you are in the area.

beautiful views of mountains, oceans, whales and turtles. was headed to Makauwahi Caves but they were closed.

Awesome hike. Beautiful views of the south shore, Surrounding mountains and local whales and turtles.
Volcanic rock, packed soil and sand along this trail.

Nice. Great views. Not strenuous hike. Would have liked more history on heiau along trail. Did see whales spouting / a few turtles. We went farther to spend a relaxing hour or more on beach.

Extremely hot, quite average views compared to other hikes in the mountain.

But please get in the water! Nice waves on some spot for boards, and nice snorkeling too.

I love this trail! It a beautiful, yet easy trail, that features amazing views of the Haupu mountains and ocean 100% of the time. It a great hike for families and would be a spectacular trail run. It's a great trail to spot wildlife like humpback whales and sea turtles, which we have seen every time we've hiked it. If you want to check out the entire hike before doing it, check out the video we put together on youtube. Here's the link, happy hiking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOlUsQlBy8Y

Beautiful scenery. Areas of the trail had many options and were not well marked. Recommend using the app to stay on track.

Easy hike with great views! Keep your eyes open for whales and lots of sea turtles swimming off the coast.

1 month ago

went 12/26/18 with family. if your decide to go here be warned that it can become quite crowded. there is rock reef for snorkling. a cool deli across the street had amazing delicious sandwiches. if your go I advise either early morning to noon or 3 to night fall. anything from 11-2 is crucial and will sunburn!!! around 3ish the tide comes in and it can bring see turtles. please give your distance and respect. the 7 year old and 19 month old had a blast in the water. it stays shallow all the way to the rock reef.

The views are amazing. The hike can be difficult on certain paths but there are alternative paths for the less experienced hikers (aka me). We saw whales and sea turtles which only added to the experience.

Nice coastal walk. Several different paths to choose from and great views. Towards the end you have to walk right next to the golf course.

Great for those not wanting to hike or just wanting a beach stroll

Deserved a repeat. Pretty sure we could happily do it again.

Beautiful views and very enjoyable.

This was a great sunrise hike, especially for those who fatigue easily in the sun. I loved the many beautiful vistas looking out over the ocean. You can take paths closer to the cliffs or more inward paths shaded by trees.

Nice and easy walk with kids, beautiful sights.

April 2018- Unreal beauty. We saw monk seals at sunrise. No dicey/ unsafe sections. Expect lots of webs (but ample parking) first thing in the morning. Loved the turtle enclosure. It could be marked a little better in the beginning. Overall, a can’t miss in Kauai in our opinion! Took us about 4 hours.

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