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A bit muddy to get down to but a very secluded and beautiful beach that I had to myself this morning

very easy trail. some pretty views. would have loved to see the stone dam!

20 days ago

Awesome place for a stroll but definitely not a hike at all

steep, could be treacherous in the rain. beautiful beach, not great sun though.

22 days ago

The views are amazing if you like tidepools and beaches, it is not much of a trail though

Great hike! Uphill then down to beach.
Nice Views can see Lighthouse!
Take Advice !!locals provided signs by the state signs..
Stay off rocks at beach and don’t go in the water!!
Currents and strong waves!!!
Heed warnings!

1 month ago

Easy! Bit muddy. Don’t swim at the beach - the waves and currents are too strong. Also be careful on the rocks down the bottom as the tide can get high without warning. A good beach to just chill out with friends and play a few games.

The trail has been closed all week because of the storm.

1 month ago

We thought this would go around the point at the end. Not so. Very nice view points. Not spectacular and would certainly not do again.

Took this little trail a couple weeks ago on a nice sunny day. Easy walk to the rocks and surf.

1 month ago

Great hike. Awesome homes along the side of the hike. Great views at the end but the hike is a bit on the short side. Way back is a better workout.

1 month ago

Nice views but not a hike!

Loved it - pretty easy hike. Cool horses. They sleep standing up.

Access to the dam is still closed. But the rest of this loop trail is open and it’s a nice and easy walk. The mahogany forest is really pretty. About 3/4 of the way we met up with some trail horses grazing on their off day. We walked this trail in off/on showers and if you don’t mind getting a little wet and muddy it’s a great way to spend a rainy day. This was 4.1 miles round trip and took us 1 hour 45 minutes. Just register in the gift shop to sign the waiver. The taco truck out back had some good nachos for a post hike snack.

2 months ago

Easy hike, muddy along dirt road. Views spectacular.

Great Beach during big waves! Short hike down.

Started out only to find it closed. Repairs from mud slide.

Not a hike, like others have mentioned- just a short walk on a paved path. Beautiful views though and a tour of the lighthouse is included in the $10 entry fee.

Closed today due to federal budget impasse. Can see lighthouse from gate ~1/4 mile away.

Nice, flat and even trail. Couple of muddy spots but it has been raining an awful lot. The stone dam and common ground are still closed to pedestrians post flood :(. Would go again for sure, even my 2 year old made it the entire 4 miles.

Easy walk. Did it in cheap flip flops. Perfect beach for kids and adults.
UPDATE to my original post. Came out here a few days later and it was a whole other story. Surf was high and the waves were huge. So I guess it depends on the day for the kids

2 months ago

Beautiful beach, path is pretty straight forward just really steep. You’d be able to bring a surf board & other beach items as long as it hasn’t recently rained.

Beautiful view, but gate was closed, so we were unable to go walk up to the lighthouse.

Wouldn't really call it a hike but it's all downhill and since it always rains in the north it will be slippery. Go slow and you will be all right. Go early too as there isn't a lot of parking. Beach is gorgeous.

ditto many of the other comments. make sure you go early enough to rock climb around the point and up to the cliff where ypu can see the lightjouse

came here 12/25/28 with 2 adults a seven year old and an 18 month old. the trail was somewhat muddy due to rain. there are foot holds in the trail to help climb. give yourself time to accend and descend. there is some gate to hold onto. the rain came putting down while there and we had to leave. climb was better going back barefoot. the water and bare feet give more traction. go slow and have fun. it's worth it. it's nice and more surfers than beach goers. has a small Rivlet coming out of the land into sea that infants and children can play in.

Not really a hike. We watched a rain cloud move in across the water and soak us, it was pretty. lol

A pretty easy hike and a beautiful beach.

Way too muddy to enjoy and dam is still closed, so there is no pay off

Anini Beach has always been our favorite but after finding this one it may be a tie.

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