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Cool trail! One of the only ones still open on the park. First trail once you exit the Visitors Center. Just park at the Visitors Center and that's where the trail starts. Half of the trail is across the sulfer banks with no shade and half is in the trees and is shaded from the elements. In the middle is the viewing area for the crater. It's really interesting to see how it was then and how it is now. There is a parking lot by the crater viewing area too, but it's definitely worth the walk because there was always something to see. $25 per vehicle entrance fee required to access this trail since it's in the park.

Informational but not very scenic

Super easy walk and well worth the time. When getting to end of the trail, can cross the street and make a loop of it back to the parking lot.

Partially closed right now but easy paved hike to the sulphur banks with some steam vents along the way. Gorgeous plants and great photos if you're into that. Didn't see much wildlife but heard some.

We hiked this only because it was open. Not many trails are open after the recent eruption. The view of the crater is spectacular.

Super cool to see the sulpher mists and yellow-coloured rocks.

Access road, Chain of Craters Rd, was closed due to the Dec 18 partial govt shutdown.

Nice path connecting the KVC to the steam vents and eventually KMC.

no shade
3 months ago

This is a very tough trail for anyone. Starting at about 6500 feet and going up to over 10,000 feet is a long hard day especially when the train is rough and rocky. It can get cold up at the Redhill cabin overnight so be prepared. There is almost always water there in the tank.

scenic driving
3 months ago

A great drive.

Intéressant à voir!!

Loved this hike. I only hiked down from the Lava Tubes trail. It was voggy and late in the day. The descent through the rainforest onto the crater was surreal. We are heading to the big island again in January. I sure hope this trail opens up again. It appears to be closed.

It’s hard to call this a hike because it’s either paved or on a boardwalk, but this should not be missed when coming to Volcano National Park. Do this before heading to the crater rim (which you can do by extending this hike about 0.5 miles) for the full experience of the volcano.

5 months ago

Beautiful and hard hike. I did it as a backpack and was worn out as I reached the Cabin. Carry lots of water as there is NONE along the way. Bunk beds with good mattresses in the cabin and are comfortable. Now part of the road to the lookout is closed making this too long to do as a day hike. Chaeck with NPS when it will be open.

Beautiful drive, don’t forget to turn around and look at the view behind you as you drive along. Even though it’s such a popular drive, we were often the only car for several miles at a time. The views at each of the stopping points are lovely (especially the end at the arch). The ice popsicle being sold at the end of the drive is pricey, but delicious!

I had some pretty crappy weather on the way up...bad fog and rain showers, made it to the cabin in 2 hours 50min but I was pushing it....YOU IN NO WAY CAN TAKE THIS TRAIL AFTER DARK the trail is not clearly marked and it is nearly impossible to see anything when all the ground around you is black (even with a light). The next morning the weather was beautiful, the clouds had cleared and you could see all the way to the ocean, amazing trail.
I took this trail late March and it dropped below freezing at red cabin...

Nice and well maintained trail through interesting landscape. Did with 2 young kids.

Went in September 2017

Interesting part of the Volcanoes Park with steam vents and sti ky sulphur banks :)

Short and easy, cool to look at, good informational signs

Monday, January 15, 2018

Great trail, pretty easy compared to the next section to Mauna Loa. The trail is closer to 7 miles each way making it a 14 round trip. I didn't come back but instead slept there overnight to acclimate for the 13+ mile hike the next day to Mauna Loa cabin. Great route, great trails. BRING LOTS OF WATER AND A FILTER.

Beautiful trail with wooden deck, very easy and very nice

scenic driving
Thursday, July 27, 2017

A lot of places to get out and look around. Also connects up with a lot of trail heads. Some limited and closed. And a lot of hard rated trails. Lave fields can be very hot and windy. Many of the trails connections here provide No shade no shelter no water. Be ready to hike it all in and out. Overnighting in the back country with permit allowed

fairly short but still gets 4 stars for its exclusive features

scenic driving
Thursday, July 13, 2017

Extremely interesting and unique. Be careful as the volcano can be dangerous. Very good views. Unforgettable experience.

Fairly short hike through sulfur banks with some steam vents. Reminded me of Yellowstone a bit - but without the hot pools or mud pits. Still worth seeing for the short effort.

worth going and seeing. short and easy

Sunday, April 23, 2017

You can no longer get close to the active crater. With signs posted everywhere to warn you not to go any further. It was still an amazing part of our 13mile hike, and wish that one day we can come back.

excellent family hike

Friday, February 24, 2017

Amazing views. When your on the rim of the crater, you are so high up people appear as ants that are inside of the crater. Climbing back up was a bit of a challenge only because I was not use to such a humid environment. Very rewarding hike. Active steam vents within the crater were amazing.

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