Photos of Saint George Trails

Saint George

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7 months ago

Decent views of the island if it happens to be clear. We went at the end of May, which is during the transition period of dry to rainy season, so I suppose we shouldn’t have been surprised by the amount of moisture, but it made for a miserable and potentially dangerous trek. The trail was muddy to begin with which made the steep, albeit short, sections of the trail extremely slippery. On top of that, there was about 15 minutes of torrential downpours, despite the forecast calling for only 20% chance of precipitation. Coupling the slickness with the fact that a good amount of the trail was very narrow with extremely steep drop-offs on either side made Mt Qua Qua the most dangerous hike I’ve attempted. For comparison, I’ve also climbed Gros Piton in St Lucia and Cascade Mountain in the Adirondack high peaks. I would not try this hike again without the aid of spikes and trekking poles unless it was dead of dry season.