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2 days ago

very very beautiful, but way too crowded. people will practically race you so you don’t pass them, and when you finally get around them, they fall way back!!

3 days ago

Lovely, fragrant, tons of lovely, freshwater pools to rest near. There are regular water stops and you can always drink from the stream as you’re often walking near or in it. Charming surprises along the way such as a chapel and a village. I wouldn’t say this is a must do for Crete, though, the free coastal trails are world class. But if you’re committed to checking out a gorge, this is the one. Wear STRUDY hiking BOOTS if you want to be able to walk the next day!!

11 days ago

Must do thing on Crete

15 days ago

Beautiful trail but I don’t think I think should be rated medium given elevation and terrain.

1 month ago

Too much water in the gorges to complete on 20 April 2019. But still gorgeous.

4 months ago

This is a gorgeous in in and our trail. We have two kids 11 and 14 and they had no trouble with the hike. It took us just under 4 hours with a few stops along the way. The view along the way and beach rocky shore at the end are worth it. We did this hike late December and it was wet but nothing we couldn’t handle with waterproof shoes.

Hiked this trail on October 19th Friday. I was expecting a lot of hikers but really only saw maybe 50 people from beginning to end . Took public bus from Chania, hiked, ferry to.bus pickup and public bus back to Chania. Hike is not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. I wore tennis shoes and wished over and over I had my regular hiking boots only because the continues rock terrain wears on your feet and my hiking boots would have given me more protection. Other than that it is a cool hike, fun to see the goats roaming around. Fresh water and decent outhouses throughout the hike.

on Samaria Gorge Trail

7 months ago

great trail, with stunning views of the mountains, the gorge, and ends in a small village by the sea. we started at 7am to avoid crowd and the sun,and we didn't regret it. rest areas available.make sure you put on hiking shoes, first km are a bit steep, but nothing dangerous. and pack your swimming suit for a quick dive in the sea in the end of the hiking day.

too much people but nice views prefered the Aradena Gorges

wonderful, juste wonderful.... bring a lot of water and your snorkeling stuff for some nice swimming spots along the way

This is a breathtakingly beautiful hike. The crowds are a downside, but don't let that dissuade you if you have the opportunity. Views along the hike are unrivaled. This is not the hike for testing your pace as most of the trail is wet and/or rocky, but that's a plus because it will allow you more time to focus on the amazing scenery. If you're considering upgrading your boots, now is the time. The long down grade is a beating on knees and toes, so bring out your best socks, boots, insoles, etc. Poles might be in order as well. In other words, be prepared, but definitely do this hike!

Hiking of the most varied! A bus will take you to the starting point, that is to say at the top of the gorges! Beautiful views, ruins, donkeys, and narrow cliffs 300 meters high !!! It ends on a black sand beach. The return is only by boat, because no way does go there!

This trip is certainly worth the detour if you go to Matala! This is a freshwater river that flows into the Mediterranean Sea, while crossing a palm forest!

So beautiful!

Really nice trail. Basically only going downhill with nicely prepared stairs for the first cpuple of hundred meter drop. Good to wall. The is one bus in the morning getting you up their from Chania and one ferry at approx 17:30 to get you back to a different bus stop.

Friday, May 18, 2018

An absolute must-do if you are a hiker and want to experience Crete in it's mountainous glory - I'll echo the sentiments of the others! My wife and I hiked this trail last June (2017) on a vacation tour through Greece and Crete. The hike begins high in the mountains (what a ride just to get up there) and for the first few miles it is a winding decent down the slope of the mountain. With all the busses dropping off the tour groups it begins very busy but after the first few miles each team sets their own pace and the lack opens up. As the mountain portion ends, the remainder of the decent is following the path of a dried river bed - so lots of rocks and boulders as the terrain! The mountainous scenery and the cliffside vistas are truly spectacular! I do recommend you wear suitable hiking footwear (not just sneakers) as I had proper hiking boots and was described as a nimble centaur hopping through the pathway, my wife ended up losing both toenails (after a few months) from the improper footwear damaging her feet on the cobbly downwards riverbed. Truly an unparalleled adventure to remember!

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Done in June 2009. A great big hike downhill until you reach the sea. Easy to do but long. Mostly loose gravel. The wall climbing goats are amazing ;-)

Friday, April 27, 2018

I did this hike with my 19 year son in July 2017. It was definitely the highlight of our Crete vacation. It was not a hard hike but you constantly had to look down as it was very rocky. You had to make sure you stepped right so you didn't hurt yourself. Other than that it was definitely worth it. I highly recommend this hike. Loved every part of the hike as it was very beautiful and scenic. The boat ride from Agia Roumelli to Sougia was also amazing. We used Diana's Travel in Chania. They picked us up & dropped us off at our hotel - Porto Platanias. The guide was great!

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

The trail is on Crete

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Great experience

Friday, October 20, 2017

beautiful track with amazing views. the mountains are breathtaking and you can see the details of how the gorges were created. Long decent to start with as you only get the narrow gorge part around 7km into the walk. really worth it if you are in Crete.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING must do hike while in Crete. Highlight of our 2 week Athens, Crete, Mykinos and Santorini trip!! Tough on the knees. Highly recommend trekking poles and lots of food.Took my daughter(26) and me (64) four and 1/2 hours to get to the beach where we promptly jumped in!! Be sure try to do the last 3km through the old village to the beach which is only slightly downhill!!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The only thing that makes this a hard hike is the length. I have fragile knees and ankles but I took my time and went slow. I wish I had trekking poles and good ankle support but I did this hike just under 6 hours in trail tennis shoes. I was sore for about 3 days. Views were amazing and the ocean at the end is truly beautiful. Great hike, super exotic rock colors, clear pristine mountain streams, amazing ancient shrines and villages. Very cool. Bring snacks, maybe a sandwich and water, but there are fill up point along the way.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Did this 20 years ago, and loved it even more this time!

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Great hike. Bring any food you need. Plenty of water along the route but perhaps bring electrolyte tablets to add to your bottles. Make sure to have stable good shoes.

Friday, July 21, 2017

A must-do when visiting Crete! Beautiful views, well maintained and after the hike you can chill in the sea, so take swimming clothes! :)

Monday, July 10, 2017


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

If you choose to hike Richtis, hike 'up', DON'T hike down. By this, I mean start at the beach, not at the trail head. You can do this by putting "Richtis Beach" into your car's GPS. Then you can start at the end where the trail is actually maintained. While not entirely impassable, the higher portion of the trail is nearly entirely grown over and you need to be willing to rock hop down the stream itself until you reach more passable portions, which still are not all that passable. There will be scrambling over steep, wet, smooth rocks - with deep pools of water below you if you're lucky. There are also a couple of water traps that you need to be mindful to not fall into - deep water, at the bottom of a deeper, smooth-wall hole, no way to get put without rope and an able body partner to rescue you. These are the higher portions of the trail. The lower portions - hiking up from the beach, before you reach the largest water fall - is well maintained, and the trail is pretty well marked and safe. If you choose to venture passed the steep, tall, old, wooden stairs that lead to the top of the waterfall, know that the trail only gets more hazardous the further up you go. There are a couple old, abandoned stone houses along the trail, but you have to really want to see them. If you really want to see the stone bridge, hike down from the trial head - it's easy and on paved road until the bridge - then turn around and go to the beach. DON'T SWIM IN THE RIVER. If you go to the top, you'll see a ton of run off from the farms there (citrus, root vegetables). Best case is manure, worst case is chemical fertilizer. You probably don't want to swim in it either way. Trash up stream too.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Absolutely gorgeous. Maintain well and very much so worth the adventure. Rented a car and started at the top, figuring we would be able to hike back up. Which we were not allowed to because of time of day, had to explore the town at the bottom and take a boat to get to another small town lol. I love Crete!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Amazing hike. Took us about five hours. Don't forget to stop and look around once in awhile the views are stunning.

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