9 days ago

An absolute must-do if you are a hiker and want to experience Crete in it's mountainous glory - I'll echo the sentiments of the others! My wife and I hiked this trail last June (2017) on a vacation tour through Greece and Crete. The hike begins high in the mountains (what a ride just to get up there) and for the first few miles it is a winding decent down the slope of the mountain. With all the busses dropping off the tour groups it begins very busy but after the first few miles each team sets their own pace and the lack opens up. As the mountain portion ends, the remainder of the decent is following the path of a dried river bed - so lots of rocks and boulders as the terrain! The mountainous scenery and the cliffside vistas are truly spectacular! I do recommend you wear suitable hiking footwear (not just sneakers) as I had proper hiking boots and was described as a nimble centaur hopping through the pathway, my wife ended up losing both toenails (after a few months) from the improper footwear damaging her feet on the cobbly downwards riverbed. Truly an unparalleled adventure to remember!