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Looking for a great trail near Hofbieber, Hesse? AllTrails has 8 great views trails, forest trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails around Naturpark Bayerische Rhön or Naturpark Frankenwald, we've got you covered. You'll also find some great local park options, like Naturschutzgebiet Gangolfsberg or Blockfelder am Taufstein (NSG). Ready for some activity? There are 6 moderate trails in Hofbieber ranging from 3.8 to 32.9 miles and from 1,246 to 2,690 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!
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#1 - Extratour Milseburg
Hofbieber, Hesse, Germany
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(4)
Length: 6.9 mi • Est. 4 h 4 m
This route is a certified premium hiking trail. The path is characterized by open corridor passages, offers magnificent views and leads along exciting rock formations.Show more
#2 - Radtour ab Hofbieber zum ehemaligen Grenzgebiet
Hofbieber, Hesse, Germany
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray Star(1)
Length: 26.2 mi
We start in Hofbieber and drive towards Nässetal. On the way there we already have a first beautiful view towards Fulda, at the point where the path branches 90 ° to the right. We reach Morles via partially unpaved, well drivable paths. From here it goes on dirt roads, in a beautiful landscape, to Mittelaschenbach. A short stretch of the main road leads us to Oberaschenbach. From here it goes steadily uphill towards the former death strip. After about 2 km we reach the former border between the FRG and the GDR (now Hessen / Thuringia). Here we drive a bit along the border path and let the past affect us. Since the path through the perforated plates is not suitable for longer tours by bike, we leave it after about 200m and turn left towards a former border tower. On this we treat ourselves to a short break to have a look at the tower. It is currently in the condition it was left around 30 years ago, apparently no one is interested in it. Now we take the little-used main road towards Spahl, which is in Thuringia, for the following descent. There is a worthwhile stop here in the Heile Schern, a well-known restaurant with a beer garden. The journey continues via an unpaved farm track to Apfelbach. There we choose the paved connection path to Neuswarts again and cross the former border for the second time. If you look to the right of the border at the point, you can see its course over many kilometers. A look to the left leads towards Ulstertal, which is limited in the background by the foothills of the Thuringian Rhön. At the end of the recognizable volcanic cone is the ox, the last mountain belonging to the Rhön. The Rhön is separated from the beginning of the Thuringian Forest by the following Werra valley. We now reach Neuswarts and at the end of the village turn right towards the sea winds. In the village, which is only a few houses large, you can stop by in the small but cozy snack bar after prior telephone announcement. From here it is now a long time on a high path, which initially runs through forest, but then compensated with a wonderful view over the Ulstertal to the highest mountain in the Rhön, the Wasserkuppe. We reach Habel as the next larger town and tackle the climb to Schwarzenborn. Now it goes to Nüsterrasen where we have to drive a short distance on the busy road. We then drive to Obernüst along side paths. The municipality of Hofbieber has us back, we can celebrate and enjoy it here with delicious fish specialties in the Gasthaus zur Post (with Stefan). After the rest, it goes downhill for a longer time via paved side roads, over Wallings, Gotthards, towards Morles. Halfway to Morles, we turn left into a forest path, from here it is time to step again. After crossing the hill, we go on easy trail terrain that requires some attention but can be done by everyone. This beautiful path ends at a Wasserfurt, which you can but do not have to drive. The other bank can also be safely reached dry using a small wooden bridge. From here it is still approx. 1.5 km until we reach Hofbieber again, but before that there are a few last meters of altitude ahead of us. Suitable for riders in good condition and e-bikes without restrictions. There is a charging station for e-bikes in the Gasthaus zur Post in Obernüst Distance: 42.2 km; Altitude difference: 769 m; approx. 2/3 tarred and 1/3 dirt roadsShow more
#3 - Summits and Huts Around the Bieber Valley
Hofbieber, Hesse, Germany
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray Star(1)
Length: 10.6 mi • Est. 5 h 48 m
The hike around the beautiful Bieber Valley has many highlights (art and nature) and is very scenic and varied. About broad forest roads, narrow forest roads, and rocky climbing passages you climb the summits of Milseburg (835 m), Stellberg (728 m) and Weiherberg (786 m) and can enjoy the magnificent views over Fulda, Neuhof, Hünfeld and the whole Hessian and Thuringian Rhön. Sturdy shoes are definitely recommended! By public transport you can reach the villages Kleinsassen, Danzwiesen and Oberbernhards as well as the Milseburg car park, the Gasthof Grabenhöfchen and the stone wall. Accommodation is available at the Youth Hostel Oberbernhards, in the Ludwig Wolker House in Kleinsassen, in the Youth House Maulkuppe (self-catering), in the Enzianhütte as well as in the inns Fuldaer Haus and Grabenhöfchen. Tent sites can be found on the Stellberg and on the MaulkuppeShow more
#4 - Malerdof Kleinsassen - Schackau Rundweg
Hofbieber, Hesse, Germany
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow Star(1)
Length: 3.8 mi • Est. 1 h 32 m
The 6 km long Julius-von-Kreyfelt-Malerrundweg offers you a classic view of the Milseburg and a wonderful view of Bieberstein Castle.Show more
#5 - Milseburg - Die Perle der Rhön
Hofbieber, Hesse, Germany
easyYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray Star(2)
Length: 1.4 mi • Est. 35 m
#6 - Radtour ab Elters über Thüringer Haus - Schwarzes Moor - Lange Rhön - Wasserkuppe
Hofbieber, Hesse, Germany
hardYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray Star(3)
Length: 40.0 mi
The tour starts in Elters and leads over the Bomberg towards Steens (below Lothar-Mai-Haus) towards Liebhards. From Liebhards we continue to Aura and from there on the Milseburg bike path to Hilders. From Hilders the tour continues to Findlos to Batten town center. From here it goes past the church and cemetery towards the Elbow and Thuringian Rhön House. From the Thuringian Rhön House (refreshment stop) past the “Noah-Segel” lookout tower towards Frankenheim. From Frankenheim to Dreiländer Eck and Schwarzes Moor, past the former German-German border with surveillance tower. From the Black Moor it goes over the "Lange Rhön" towards Heidelstein. The tour leads from the Heidelstein to the Loipenhaus (NABU-Haus am Roten Moor, refreshment stop). From here it continues through the red moor in the direction of Wasserkuppe past the Fulda source to the highest point in Hesse the radome on the Wasserkuppe. From Wasserkuppe it goes down to the Guckaisee. From Guckaisee it goes towards Absroda and Sieblos, past the crash site of Günther Groenhoff (Günter Groenhoff was a world-famous and successful glider pilot between 1927 and 1932). The tour leads from Sieblos to Grabenhöfchen and further towards Milseburg. From the Danzwiesen (Milseburg), here is a good opportunity to stop off in the Milseburg parlors. We continue to the Lothar-Mai-Haus (refreshment stop) back to Elters. Tour dates: 64 km - 1,403 hm Suitable for riders in good condition and e-bikes without restrictions.Show more
#7 - Über die Grenze von Hessen und Thüringen
Hofbieber, Hesse, Germany
moderateGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray StarGray Star
Length: 12.3 mi
A beautiful bike route that leads across the fields around Schwarzbach and Spahn. You pass the Roßberg and drive through a few beautiful forest sections.Show more
#8 - Cycle Tour from Hofbieber via Adolphseck Castle, Fulda Valley, and Vorderrhön
Hofbieber, Hesse, Germany
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray Star(1)
Length: 32.9 mi
There are mostly paved roads and few gravel roads. Here is the tour description: Our first goal is Schloss Adolphseck - Fasanerie. We start in Hofbieber and drive towards Langenbieber on the Milseburgradweg. We follow this to Melzdorf, there we switch to paved dirt roads and drive on a slight hill to Horwieden. Here we have a wonderful view of the highest mountains of the Rhön (Milseburg; Wasserkuppe; etc.). After crossing the main road, continue towards Rex and from there to Böckels. Here we have to drive a bit of the main road (medium traffic) before turning back onto quiet dirt roads in Wissels. It then goes via Dirlos over beautiful paths, which sometimes briefly touch the hectic bustle of civilization (motorway underpass), to Adolphseck Palace - pheasant. In addition to the great facility to be admired, there is also an opportunity to stop here. We continue on the official access road from Adolphseck –Fasanerie (an avenue) towards Bronnzell. There we meet the Fulda valley and drive the "Fulda cycle path" or "Hessischer Radfernweg R1" towards Rhön. After a short stop at the ice cream parlor in Eichenzell, we drive to Lütter to say Fuldatal Ade. In Lütter it goes first on main roads through the village until we then turn left uphill. Here on the slope we come across a remarkable Mariengrotte, which you should have a look at. In the meantime everyone has noticed that the terrain has become more hilly, we graze the first small foothills of the Rhön on the way back to Hofbieber. The tarred side routes lead us to Dietershausen and from there we head towards Friesenhausen. On the way there we arrive at the area of a holiday village, here you have to push about 100 m from a barrier, cross the path and come to a small lake in the beer garden, restaurant (Kneshecke), where you can enjoy yourself , From Friesenhausen it continues on dirt roads and side routes, past the foal pasture (hotel) towards Milseburgradweg. A tarred dirt road runs parallel to the cycle path to the Bieberstein swimming pool, with Bieberstein Castle in the background. We let the bike roll to Langenbieber and pass the beer garden of the Kollmann inn. Now it is only a short distance back to Hofbieber. Suitable for riders in medium condition and e-bikes without restrictions. Distance: 52.9 km; Altitude difference: 674 m; 3/4 tarred and 1/4 dirt roadsShow more