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7 months ago

A 5-star lagoon: It takes just over an hour to be on the roof of the island of Raivavae, Mount Hiro (438.5 m.). The summit offers, undoubtedly, an extraordinary view of one of the most beautiful lagoons of French Polynesia, if not the most beautiful. "Ia oga na" in Raivavae and "mauguugu" for coming. Blues do you want, bruises here! If a painter had, one day, the idea to mount his easel and his tubes at the top of the mount Hiro, it would undoubtedly be necessary to him to review its bases in matter of colors, because the nuances of those which decline with an infinite variety the lagoon from Raivavae exceed the possibilities of a classic palette. A steep slope The climb is steep. At least the first part. We are engaged in the slope that is right behind the Ataha pension. Our guide, handles the cutter with ardor. He moves slowly, but the pace remains strong. For forty minutes, it will be thick and dense bush: first the entanglement of purau and guava, then that of aito (rather stiff, stony, covered with a slippery carpet of needles), before to reach a heath of reeds and tall ferns that drowns the hikers and from which one sees nothing, or almost nothing. We go up, we go up, we go up. Up to a ridge, at a height of about 280 meters. A carpet of grass At one stroke of a single, it opens a space literally grassed, a gently sloping ridge that leads to the coast 380 meters, and to Mount Hiro itself, on a real carpet of sweet grass. What looked like a commando hike gives way to a pleasant stroll in the open air, on a magnificent line of ridges, in the coolness of the trade winds. The landscapes are breathtaking. Only companions, wild goats easy to approach (at a distance anyway), white terns and frigates, tireless gliders. Not to mention the straw-tailed, apparently always very busy. About 300 meters, we cross a space of stone blocks somewhat strange and incongruous; no doubt, in the opinion of our guide, the ruins of a vast and ancient marae dominating the Vaiuru Valley. A very aerial final The terminal part is very aerial, between the north and the south of the island, on a small narrow ledge, but without any real danger for the walker. For fifteen to twenty minutes, we walk between heaven and earth, before literally land at the top, on a very comfortable square of grass. The fern moor is the same color as that of Mangareva, much farther east, but almost at the same latitude. The light is sumptuous and lights, with the passage of small clouds sheep, blues constantly changing on the lagoon. 360 ° view From the summit, 360 °, we see almost the whole "planet": the teeth of the motu Araua (387 m.) And, in their extension, the motu Tui Tui, Mount Moouatapu (272 m.) And the Turivao following him (203 m.); on the left, we are at the vertical of the village of Anatonu and on the right we overlook the wide cultivated plain of Vaiuru, with its beautiful tarodières, four hundred meters below the hiker. We distinguish, further, the runway of the airport built on the lagoon and the beautiful Mount Taraia, a basaltic tooth of 309 meters. Surrounding the island, the body of water spreads with insolence its shades of blue, undoubtedly the most beautiful of French Polynesia, with those of Maupiti; the motu line, too, is extraordinary, hemming the passage to the open ocean. The water bottle of each hiker is still busy. After the comments of use, the hour is to admiration. Intense happiness, like great pain, is dumb. Silence settles and is self-sufficient. The wind sometimes whistles softly. Two eyes is not enough to devour Raivavae ...

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Quite a cultural antiquity in Tahiti. This historic area begins with an informational approach to the Marea and then offers a hike following the temple area which meanders back to a waterfall. Be respectful in the temple grounds area, then enjoy the trail path which is well maintained and clearly marked. The forest is thick at times, but trail is easily traversed. Rating this new trail as moderate since it includes the waterfall which has some bouldering aspects. If only the temple grounds were accomplished then it would be an easy trail.

4 months ago