Photos of Saint-Jean-du-Gard Trails

off trail
7 months ago

The start of the trail is not marked at all. I had to walk into the town to find that indeed AllTrails had the right location BUT you have to park on the paved road below or in the St. Jean du Gard town (which has a tourist office with hiking info by the way). Once on the trail (thanks to a woman tending her garden for the starting point), it was fine for a while with a couple of beautiful views. Then it got pretty rocky and difficult. Once you come to the rectangle, definitely go straight, where it indicates La Teule direction which is fairly flat with sloped parts here and there. If you go left toward Pic d’Arbousse, it gets steep and rocky very quickly and for a long time. Then, guess what? The trail ends and you’re outta luck!! I was stuck on a 45 degree sloped rocky surface with nowhere obvious to go. So I back tracked (losing about 20 min and with walking sticks I had to fashion from branches) and started up the Teule direction instead. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it all the way because the trail had been so badly marked I lost a lot of time and it was going to be dark by the time I got back. Plus, along the Teule path there was a plant I was allergic to and my eyes watered so bad I could barely see. As bad as it sounds I’m glad I did it but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. It’s certainly not “moderate” in difficulty.