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Tue Jul 31 2018

Alpine hike of beauty but very long (15 hours with a break of 1:30 for my part). I advise to do it over 2 days if you do not feel the strength to cash a dozen hours minimum. The most obvious bivouac areas are the free Prat Cazeneuve hut or those immediate surroundings or the southern shores of Lake Pouchergue. The refuge of Soula is too close to departure (2h) and the surroundings of Lake Clarabide unhospitable (to try if you like the bivouac altitude). The crossing of the wall of the circus is done without problem by a series of projections: being careful to exactly follow the cairns, we avoid any climbing (missed the driveway :-)). The difficulty of raising the Clarabide harbor from the lake varies depending on the remaining snow, and the crampons are cautious until the end of July (we are sailing on 35-40 ° slopes). The final ridge presents no difficulty, just a small step between the central peak and western peak. A magnificent flora on the vertiginous slopes of the gorges of Clarabide that we cross on a mule track cut into the rock. For those who prefer a hike-ride, the round trip between the power station of the Pont du Prat (parking) and the refuge of Soula by the gorge is in 4-5 hours. In terms of fauna, many birds, possibly some marmots and izards for the wild, sheep for the servants.

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