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22 days ago

As others have said, life changing. Mostly had beautiful days, a couple not so beautiful days, wonderful people, and an incredible experience. If you can take the time I would recommend doing it in one trip. Not just so you can get it done but to fully appreciate every day that you get to do it, uninterrupted. It took us 35 days to Santiago but we continued 3 more days to Finistetrré and then Muxia. My favorite part was probably the last 3 days where it was much less traveled and felt like it was a much slower pace.

1 month ago

Life changing. The recording would stop on its own while walking. Had to keep checking it several times a day for 2 months.

Life changing experience! Completed the entire Camino in 36 days with some rest days included. An average of 25km per day.

my favourite hike in the world.

we walked the Camino in August 2019, finishing on September 7. a completely exhilarating walk. some hard parts some easy. most people complete it within 30-35 days, we took 34. fantastic villages and hamlets, picturesque countryside, beautiful people. walking the full Camino has been my greatest lifetime achievement and i cannot wait to do the next one Buen Camino

3 months ago

The recording kept stopping during my Camino so it has breaks during the trail that are not accurate.

My wife and I did the Camino Frances in July and August of 2017 from St Jean to Santiago in 34 days. It was an extraordinary pilgrimage for us -- a true 24/7 marriage encounter. We loved the fellow Pilgrims, the history, the culture and the food & wine. It was an amazing physical and spiritual journey. Our 17 and 19 year-old kids joined us at about the half-way point in Leon; our 22 year-old joined us all for the last 5 days from Sarria. Our family of 5 arrived happily together in Santiago on August 21. We recommend this trip with the highest possible acclaim. Go for it -- Buen Camino!

4 months ago

Do it! Walked June-July, loads of wildflowers, amazing views, beautiful people, fun, friendly, can’t wait to walk again. Buen Camino!

first 8 or so kilometers get pretty intense uphill, along with other similar sections, but the hardest part on the feet was actually the way down, even the alternate path/road was tough on the feet/knees. Most of the way up was in the clouds/thick fog which was so thick you could only hear the cows/sheep/horses on the hillside even though they were 20 feet from you. The view once you cleared the clouds made it worth it! intense start to the Camino!

This trek will change your like. Walked from France to the ocean in Spain. Saw amazing thing, met and made life-long friends from all over the world. Learned more about myself in 26 days than i had in 60 years. Get a small pack and your favorite shoes and walk. Most definitely recommended

5 months ago

Completed this pilgrimage in fall 2017. Took us 5.5 weeks. Was an indescribable experience/journey, that will stay with us for life. Met so many wonderful people from all over the world. Made lifetime friends. We physically prepared some prior to start, but all-in-all, found that our bodies got in shape and trained while walking the Camino! Buen Camino!

5 months ago

good city to city/visit church hike. you get to stay at the church Lodge or others place 16 euro or cheaper. . easy but long walk. very long, go early when not too hot in the summer or Sept.

Pretty spectacular whether you walk or cycle you won't be disappointed as the scenery is wonderful

amazing great pilgrimage loads people to meet relatively cheap well accommodated for pilgrims

So I split this hike into two days. Day one out of SJPP, I stopped at Refuge Orisson (approx 5.9 miles). The last few KM’s were brutal. Significant grade (81 flights climbing). Day two to Roncesvalles was also tough. Walked in snow for a good part of the day. A 12.2 mile hike, also with significant grades. Overall, I would say this is a strenuous hike for the novice, like me. Amazing experience, but buyer beware.

Completed the Camino Frances in May 2018. Though not a true backpacking experience it opened my eyes and it became the best and most exhilarating experience in my life. Definitely, addicting as I would love to return to the same route but take longer than 35 days to complete it. This time learn some Spanish before I go. You'll make friends for life and whatever you need, the Camino wil provide.

A walk around after finishing for the day

it was awesome !!!

epic. just do it

It is a lifetime experience to walk on Camino de Santiago. You cross mountains, plains, cities, towns, dessert and finish with at the ocean.

washed out
8 months ago

I have traveled the Camino Frances twice: once in March-May 2018 (33 days); once March-April 2019 (28 days). There are many cheap albergues, as well as private rooms and hotels along the way. In 2018, I had a lot of blisters and a terrible weather at first, but it was followed by many sunny days. This year, 2019, I also experienced adverse weather conditions in the beginning, but not as severe as last year, followed by generally cloudy days with intermittent sunshine. I prefer the months of March-April to walk in the Camino because it is not so hot, it is not as crowded and the accommodations are more available and slightly cheaper than during the high season from May to September. This is a long distance hike that has the most amenities as any other long distance hike in the world. It's as inspiring as it is cultural, and it allows you to meet people from all over the world. Below is a poem that I wrote that was inspired by the experience. Hope you enjoy. The Camino by Ricardo Moretti It started as an idea that became a dream. Fondly, I embraced the adventure of the Way and the footsteps of a 1,000 years and more. It was not without its ups and downs, and there were many, but the simple and easy ones. The end is here and I have learned something. A reality well-hidden but found on my rocky path called the Camino.

As tough as this walk can be both physically and mentally, it is equally (and even more so) as rewarding. The terrain itself is not overly difficult, but the distances, day after day, can be a challenge. Make sure you know where you’ll be getting your water and pack it accordingly. Some stretches without a water source are long and the heat can be life threatening without proper hydration. Do not underestimate this!! Also, though there is not any rock climbing, the trails can be very steep and go on for km after km. Make sure your knees are strong before you begin this trek. Downhill can be a big challenge after a few days. If you decide to do this amazing challenge I wish you a BUEN CAMINO!

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