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Nice pathed walking path through a beautiful golf course. Dog friendly and not too crowded. People of all ages should have no problem with the hike. Not muddy despite the rain. So if you like taking a walk and looking at the water, I highly recommend!

3 days ago

This is the first trail I’ve gone to that was recommended by this app. It was a good first trail, we only saw two people. I brought my dog (unleashed). There was no signage saying dogs needed to be leashed. It’s an okay trail, I like trails that are in the middle of the mountains but this was good for a quick run or walk!

Beautiful trail. Tons if Madrone trees on the Grandview portion, if you like those trees; they are my favorite. One is particularly large and old. Very gorgeous. Beautiful views of the sound! Several small hills if you begin down at sound view. One very large and long hill if you begin by heading up to Grandview first. So either way, great hills. I was sweating in late December on the hills going from soundview up. More of a breeze if you go up the hill to Grandview first. Two bathrooms along the way (if you’re pregnant ) and one really nice playground halfway through. Loved this trail!!

Easy, some tougher hills, paved, water views

1 month ago

A decent trail, nothing exciting about it. The walkway was very slippery with mud, loose leaves, and even the wooden structures were very slippery. Do this trail if there’s nothing better to do, but there are a lot of better trails in this area.

good walk. like having the inclines to get some extra work. heavily trafficked. great views.

2 months ago

Very relaxing and therapeutic! Amazing views from the colors of the leaves changing and it was very easy to walk !

This is a nice place to come for an afternoon relaxing there are plenty of places to golf , or just have a picnic. It’s kids friendly, there is an OFF LEASH area for dogs. Plenty of parking spaces. At the end of the bridge there are stairs to go off the the beach area. And good for morning or afternoon runs also.

beautiful views, but the bridge was closed so couldnt do the majority of the trail

3 months ago

Double lap around outside trail of Chamber’s bay golf course

Views are incredible. Great hills on both ends of the trail, which means great exercise. You bring dogs which I havent done yet.

Lots of hills and lots of people with dogs

How is this easy? The hills are either side seem pretty challenging to me. Great views!

5 months ago

Great for families. Beautiful views. Great for dogs.

Very popular, beautiful views, nice wide paved trail.

Love this place! Paved, perfect for riding bikes, jogging/walking! Dog friendly and stunning views!

pas d'ombre
5 months ago

6 months ago

Mostly uphill when you start near the water. Nice trail!

Scenic, non-technical, fully paved walk with very steep sections and fantastic water views. Several benches dot the path for breaks. There's a playground on the route, too.

Great place for family. will come back many times

7 months ago

great atmosphere. alot of families and a little bit of everyone there. pretty chill. nice views out over the lake.

Great, scenic, but steep at north and suth ends. Acess to Sound beach to explore.

7 months ago

Nice for trail runs

Great walk and views!

it says wheelchair accessible... the two hills would be very difficult to use a wheelchair. other than that, nice stroll!

nice tuff and easy intermittently.

This is the exact same trail as the “Soundview and Granddview” trails... as in an exact duplicate under a different title. This is still a great trail, the golf course is gorgeous and the views of the sound are impeccable. There are restrooms available in many activities such as kites, playground, and a lot of other space to do activities with the family. I highly recommend this trail or it’s duplicate.

This trail is great and all but no one has mentioned how it’s right downwind from a poop plant. I don’t understand why they’re building even more into the golf course even closer to the plant. Also dog crap all over the place in the beginning of the trail. If you like poop, this trail is for you.

This is a great paved trail. Very hilly. I am surprised this is rated easy. one side is short and steep the other is long and winding. Pick your poison.

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