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Photos de randonnées en VTT à Nine Mile Falls

5 days ago

Jan. 22, 2020 I hiked this loop today. The trails were snow packed and slick in a couple spots. I wore regular hiking boots without cleats. It was in the 30s today but in colder temps. you may need some type of traction. Using this app, I did get off the thick red line on the trail map, but it may be due to the cloudy, overcast and slight rain disturbing the GPS signal. The small compass on the app does not always appear so you should have your own compass as on all hikes. The initial part of the hike was uphill which was not too difficult but did get me breathing heavily. I'm 57 in ok shape and carried a 20 lb. pack. The trails have beautiful views and wildlife. I did come across a few turkeys on the trail. During the last portion of the hike, while on the Centennial Trail, the GPS marks you on a blue dashed line and not the thick red line when heading in a somewhat Northerly direction back to the trail head. While still on the Centennial Trail, you move to the right of the red line and then back on the thick red line, perhaps 1/4 mile. This could be the part where the trail is washed out. I did see some caution tape on one part of the trail coinciding with the diversion. Just stay on the main path, Centennial Trail, and you will be at your parking spot soon. Fun hike and I will do it again in the spring.

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