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Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Kent

Lovely easy walking and hiking trail, great for bikes too, the day was super nice especially considering it’s November. Ran into quite a few people but it was fairly spaced out that it didn’t feel crowded and you could still feel secluded. Very clean paved asphalt path alongside a marsh-like area (the creek perhaps?). Of note, the distance listed is from start to end, not out and back, so I couldn’t end up finishing the whole way because it would be too far. Also the trail just kind of comes to a dead end at a road at one point where a crosswalk leads to bushes, just turn right on the road and the trail connects again in a few feet further down the road. And hardly any planes to be heard! Which is important to me. Probably would be gorgeous during the greener parts of the year but still plenty of green, and you can see Mt. Rainier at one point!

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