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Photos de randonnées en VTT à Clarksville

randonnée à cheval
arbres tombés
couvert de végétation
7 months ago

This was my 1st time here. What a nice surprise! 1) there aren't any maps of the equestrian trails. At least one is an out& back, while the other is a loop; so you are not going to get lost. There are trails that go off of the main trail, however; not that you would know as there isn't a map! Some of these off-shoots have some distance to them. 2) the trails really need some work. The footing is in good shape & really no issue there. The main trail hasn't been recently mowed/cleared. We had to trailblaze around more than one fallen tree. The off-shoot trails are very overgrown in some areas. None of these are deal breakers for me, but since I PAID to ride here, I expected the trails to be in better shape. 3) the signage at the trail head/equestrian campground is lacking. We walked all around trying to find the Beaver Pond Loop and just couldn't find where it started. We found the Pandhandle Trail, but not by following a sign. 4) Great options for riding. If you want to condition, keep to main trail as it is essentially a lightly graveled road - great for sets as it also has some elevation changes. If you want to stroll, pop off onto one of the off-shoot trails & enjoy the fauna & flora. Lots of shade, so summer riding is a definite option (use fly spray). Great wildflower meadow chocked full of yellow finches was definitely a favorite! Overall, I didn't know this gem existed. I will definitely be back.

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