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Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Canyon

14 hours ago

This was our favorite trail at Palo Duro and one of my favorite hikes ever! My husband and I are 58 and 65 years old, in average shape, and we found it very do-able. There were many beautiful overlooks and vistas and lots of up and down and long flat stretches. So even though you hike from the canyon floor all the way to the rim, it isn’t terribly difficult. At the top, when we reached the 2,5 mile sign post, we followed a trail through a field and to a rutted dirt road which we followed to the right for about 3/4 mile. We came to a beautiful overlook where we could see our camper in the Mesquite campground. Our golden retriever also enjoyed the hike. We stopped to give her water at least 5 times even tho the weather was not hot. So if you take your dog, bring lots of water for them.

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