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Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Chapel Hill

Nice trail system. Have done in summer and late fall more and definitely prefer late fall. Summer is quite buggy This area has a pretty robust trail system so you can string together trails of various lengths for whatever mileage you want. This particular recording is an off combination of the river trail, the outer, the inner, and an additional loop. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this exact route. I would look for trails matching up to the miles you want to walk. If you want to do it all you could string most together and I suppose it would come in 11-12 miles in total. There are several campsites and a couple of backcountry sites if you wanted to do over a weekend As to the trail itself, not a lot of elevation so quite easy. Different environments from wetlands to sinkholes to a river. I started more deer on this hike than I can remember on any other hike. Ran across Turkey as well. Very nice morning

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