Explorez les sentiers les plus populaires près de Wedderburn avec des cartes de sentiers et des itinéraires choisis à la main, ainsi que des critiques détaillées et des photos de randonneurs, de campeurs et des amoureux de la nature comme vous.

Wedderburn, Oregon Map

A great trail to view old growth trees, beautiful undergrowth, and hear streams babbling down the slope. More moderate than easy. this trail is well laid out with a brocher to follow the markers along the way. The parking is across from the trailhead. We made a mistake and hiked a bit on what we thought was the trail. oh well. Enjoy.

This is a beautiful hike, well interpreted with supplied brochure. I would like to note that it is more on moderate in difficulty. Parking area nearby. The trail begins across the street from there. Trail is marked well. Lots of benches for uphill stents so don’t let the ups and downs stop you! Nice bridges along the way Well maintained and it is a loop. Our Fitbit’s said 1.75 for full loop which is different than listed! For a short hike to old growth, it will really make you happy you put your hiking boots on!

Very well maintained trail. Would rate as moderate. Excellent information provided for knowledge of trees, growth, history of fire and general forest growth. Excellent!

Easy hike with a well maintained path with plenty of flora and fauna to observe. My elderly parents who don’t hike at all loved this trek.

I love this trail! Just beautiful, with lots of variability in things to see. I would say it is an easy trail. There is a pretty water feature and it is a self guided nature trail too for those who want to learn. The drive to the trail is lovely, but I imagine it would be a bit scary if another car came along in the opposite direction. Good parking area. And it is a loop trail, which makes it even better!

It's not Moderately difficult. I would say it's easy. The approach driving to the trail head can be breathtaking when the grove of (birch?) trees leaves are all golden yellow.

Sat Aug 18 2018

Nothing too exciting but I’m very hard to please when it comes to hiking trails. Good for families thou.

Sun Dec 31 2017

Went in January 2017. Don't think it sees much action, but its a nice quiet looped trail for the dog and I.

Mon Jul 24 2017

i have to wonder if we found the wrong trail based on a review from a week ago. Being a loop we followed from the left side first. This trail has not been maintained in a very long time. Fully overgrown with fallen trees and brambles. We turned around after about 10 minutes. We tried from the right side. Same problem. We moved on to better horizons.

Wed Jul 12 2017

It' s an interpretive trail with a brochure explaining each of the numbered stops along the hike. We had an extremely bad winter and no doubt when the previous poster was there they hadn't cleaned it up yet. Now it's the most groomed trail I've seen in Oregon. It possibly wide enough for a sport type wheelchair. There are also a lot of benches along the way for the less mobile to rest. The hike would be great for more limited hikers or walkers and children.

Tue Mar 28 2017

Sadly we got about 10 minutes into this trail and found it impassable due to over growth and fallen branches and we had to turn back. Could be because it's just after a rough winter. We saw some old growth trees on the drive in, but nothing really old in the short part of the hike we did do. Could be better trees further in if the path gets cleared.

This is an easy hike for all ages and abilities. There are brochures available at the trailhead that explain areas along the trail. It was very beautiful and peaceful.

Sun Nov 10 2013

Very informative trail guide at the trail head. Beautiful short hike.

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