Explorez les sentiers les plus populaires près de Zoar avec des cartes de sentiers et des itinéraires choisis avec soin, ainsi que des critiques détaillées et des photos de randonneurs, de campeurs et des amoureux de la nature comme vous.

Zoar, Ohio Map

Completed entire length from Zoar to Cleveland in several segments. Lots of variety and very scenic. Some areas can be buggy and flooded at times, depending on rainfall. The trail terminus points in Zoar and Cleveland were a little underwhelming, but the overall trail is great!

vélo de route
3 months ago

The longest trail I’ve done to date. This isn’t for amateurs. Defiantly start from the Zoar side. North Akron will make you regret it if you don’t. Nothing grand to see but still really cool. If I do this again I’ll remember to bring food. I got hungry when there were no restaurants. Not marked well in Bolivar. Always room for improvement. And this isn’t the whole trail. Good luck to the next guy.

6 months ago

The trail was straight forward only issue was bugs and that could have been because of recent flooding and mugginess of day all in all a good hike. The last mile marker I saw was 86 miles for the complete towpath.

It is a terrific trail with great scenery. The most well-marked trail I have ever ridden. The surface was very smooth from Akron all the way to Cleveland. Terry J.

Excellent ride

This trail is so fun to ride. It’s not so much mountain biking (pretty flat and mostly paved/gravel), but beautiful scenery and fun shops, restaurants, and bars along the way.

Wed May 09 2018

Probably one of my all time favorite trails. I spend so much time here. I love the wildlife. There’s owls. There’s ducks. There’s herons. This trail is amazing. Be aware that the bridge in back of Szalays is out so you have to take a little detour. This is my running trail as well. I wish I could give this place 6 stars. So many wonderful memories here

vélo de route
Fri Mar 30 2018

Beautiful and relaxing with opportunity for hours of riding!

Nice for biking plenty of trails to explore on foot too

Sun Jan 22 2017

Nice hike.

Unless you're on a bike I wouldn't suggest taking this trail. I hiked it and dealt with bikes almost nonstop from both directions.

It was too early for all that but it was a nice ride. The history of these towpaths is fasinating.

A wonderful early morning ride. I love the bridges, train depot and other man made atractions mixed in with nature and history.

I agree with Mairah that the traffic noise takes away from the experience. Other than the traffic noise it was a beautiful ride.

It was a nice bike ride. I only gave it a 3 because of the traffic nearby.

So much cool stuff to see and learn. It was an easy ride on a nice day.

Really nice ride. We only had mountain bikes with us but passed several people on road bikes. A great trip for history buffs.

19.5 miles with 10 trailheads providing access. It is a great way to see the park and get as much exercise as you want. We really enjoyed exploring the trail at the Beaver Marsh/Boardwalk, Peninsula and Boston Visitor Center areas. Luckily our visit coincided with the harvest moon and we were also able to participate in a very popular three mile ranger-led full moon hike on the Towpath north from Boston...very memorable!

vélo de route
Sat Jul 30 2016

Great trail for biking, walking and running. The trail follows the CVNP train and has many places you can stop along side of the trail such as, the beaver marsh, Szalays farm market, Boston mills visitor center and several other locations. It's one of the greatest assets the CVNP has to offer!

I do enjoy this trail but some parts u hear lots of noisy traffic that's not so relaxing . Awesome trail for biking in the fall it's so beautiful I love to take my daughter on my bike

vélo de route
Wed Jul 20 2016

Great! Such a beautiful and fresh area:)

Trails is crushed limestone and about 6 miles long not 18.5 as listed. There is a tunnel under railroad tracks and a bridge over the Tuscarawas River near Rt 212. Trail is fairly flat except for a hill about a mile from Rt 212.

Thu May 21 2015

Very flat walk along the Towpath throughout but some nice scenery along the way. I tend to frequent the trails around the towpath more often as the path itself is usually very congested with bike traffic.

Fri Oct 31 2014

The towpath is quite nice. I actually was able to follow it with any trouble. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice scenic trail.

The scenery along the trail was beautiful but the trail itself was very rough riding. Horses, bikes and feet had been on the trail when it was muddy & after it dried, it made for a rough ride!

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Sun Aug 11 2013

Great trail ride or walk for all ages along the Historic Erie Canal tow path. Pros: Well marked and maintained. Historic features along the entire path with muliple hiking trail off shoots. Cons: Very crowded most days.

I'be gone from Harvard Rd. in Cleveland to Akron and everywhere in-between! Has many great side trails, fishing spots and various shops and nature centers.

Fri Feb 22 2013

I LOVE this trail! It's been one of my absolute favorites for years! The paths are extremely clear, nicely kept, and the area is very nice to walk through. Definitely great for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice, casual hike.

vélo de route
Wed Oct 17 2012

Really neat trail in the Cuyahoga National Park. The trail runs between the Cuyahoga River and the old Ohio and Erie canal. You pass old limestone canal locks every 1/2 to 1 mile along the trail. There are several visitor centers and point-of-interest marked that explain the workings and history of the canal. Most bikers choose to start at the southern end of the trail and bike north (which is a slight downhill grade), then catch the train back south to complete the ride. The train stops at several stations just off the trail. The crew takes excellent care loading your bike on the train and the cost is only $2.00! Unlike most of our national parks, there is no admission charge. If you would like to help improve and expand the trail system in the park you can make a donation to the Trail Forever endowment fund.

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