Photos des randonnées dans le West Chester Township

arbres tombés
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1 month ago

I live nearby so I walk through this park several times a month. The last time was 12/6. Be cautioned that the parks department has their work cut out for them. There's more deadfall now than I've seen previously. One of the wooden bridges is nearly blocked. A 60 foot tree fell and crushed the railings. You can scurry over the fallen tree if you want. I counted 6 deadfalls on the outer loop. There are deer here. There are also coyotes. Be aware that there is a leash law also. Owners of unleashed dogs are asking for trouble. The trails are largely unmarked. No problem, it's a small park. If you get lost in this park, then you probably get lost in your own home. Really, between the road noise, the powerlines, the sounds from the playground, etc., you simply must be a moron if you get lost in this park. Don't be a swine. Unfortunately, the amount of litter and dog feces on the trail is at an all time high. And to those who are responsible enough to bag your pooch's waste, be a hero and carry it out rather than leave the doggy bag on the side of trail. What's wrong with you people!!

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