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Zirconia, Caroline du Nord Map
1 month ago

Short section of the Palmetto Trail where it starts at the SC/NC state border. Lovely up and down with steps built in several areas. A partial view as you got a bit higher. A pretty ravine with rhododendrum that probably look nice in the Spring.

1 month ago

Not a public trail! Map takes you to private property w no parking. Huge waste of drive!! Thanks for nothing

Good loop! Mostly gravel with some pavement. My watch only tracked 8.5 miles. Road section that crosses bridge can be sketchy, be careful there!

couvert de végétation
propriété privée
2 months ago

Huge disappointment! Couldn’t even find trail head because it was completely overgrown. Not 100 feet in is a posted sign for private property. See below for a picture.

4 months ago

not a bad hike. fairly flat and easy. but not a whole lot of scenry. this is only half of a whole nother trail. I have no idea why they rated this as hard....it's easy!

Well marked trail and a lovely walk in the woods. However, no natural water for dogs and no "payoff" like a waterfall or vista or anything. Nice, quiet, serene.

This was a nicely maintained trail in a shady forest setting, we saw a buck and lots more signs of deer. I would rate it on the moderate side as opposed to difficult. While it was a nice trail I wouldn’t do it again simply because you have to have a friend park at each end, and there wasn’t any feature to the trail such as an outlook or waterfall. I also take my dogs on hikes and there was no natural water to be seen. Also my gps tracked 6.6 miles total which is significant enough IMO than 5.8.

7 months ago

I hiked in about 3 miles before I had to turn around. Lots of tree coverage, nice for summer. I did not find those first three miles "hard" by any means. This is still the best "hike" I've found since moving here from Asheville...