Photos des randonnées dans le Silver Creek Township

randonnée sac-à-dos
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5 months ago

Difficult trail with a diverse and beautiful terrain. We lucked out with weather and only got rain on the last night. Dry conditions allowed the steep descents and ascents to be manageable. I highly recommend camping at bear lake if space is available. There are only two, albeit, rocky tent pads by the water, however the view makes it worth it. Also there are tons of fresh berries on this section of the SHT this time of year ( blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, thimbleberries, and strawberries). One portion of the trial is closed due to private property purchase, but other than the ~3 miles on the gitchi gami, the hike is on a trail on the woods and is full of scenic views. Bridge was out at split rock river but low river conditions allowed for plenty of crossing opportunities.

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