Explorez les sentiers les plus populaires près d'Upper Falls avec des cartes et des itinéraires choisis avec soin, ainsi que des critiques détaillées et des photos de randonneurs, de campeurs et des amoureux de la nature comme vous.

Upper Falls, Maryland Map

Nice trail. A couple of very narrow spots near the water, but other than that it s great and easy to follow. The noise of 95 it s minor and short, doesnt bother one bit.

Great off the paved road track if building MTB skills. Enough bumps and a few wood bridges, and elevation changes for a good workout.

I stumbled onto this place when the Belair-Gunpowder parking lot was closed. I wandered off with my two dogs without knowing anything about the park. The golf course history was obvious and interesting. I hope the County doesn't do anything to further obliterate the traces of the old course. The generous parking lot on this overcast Wed was almost empty-- a "dating" couple and a police car with the officer on apparent downtime. The vistas of lawn are unusual for this boy. The east side is wilder-- woods and plenty of unmarked trails. In the south soccer fields are growing. Never saw another person, which is good.

6 months ago

The trail was mostly dry, however it looks to be a path for run off. So it’s going to be muddy if it has rained in the past few days. I gave it a 3 star due to broken glass being found in multiple places along the trail. We hike with our dog, so glass can be a big problem. The park it starts from is very nice and the path was mostly shaded. You do have to cross a country road twice, but it wasn’t very busy while we were hiking. Overall, good for people, just not great for dogs.

7 months ago

Wet & muddy in several places along the trail but still very manageable. Beautiful views of the river! Saw a lot of people at the parking lot & baseball fields but noone on the hike. Lots of great solitude. Found a couple of baby crawfish turning over rocks in the tiny streams along the way. Lots of animal & human tracks to analyze. Great hike!

7 months ago

Good trail. I brought the dogs and there was plenty of areas with fresh water for drinking and cooling off :) English Bulldog approved.

Very few people along this trail. It got very muddy when we crossed the road to do the out & back portion. The part closest to I-95 was not peaceful, obviously. I’ll pick a different trail next time.

The out and back portion of the trail (Sherwood — white blazes) is quite a bit shorter than All Trails notes; due to the blazes being painted over (black), and that section being terribly overgrown (Jan ‘19). Note, the trail head is located in Kingsville Park, and the trail is not accessible via the Jerusalem area (private property).

Loved this hike. I didn't do the Sherwood portion. I went from Reynolds Rd to Jerusalem Mill and back. The Little Gunpowder was running high and is spectacular.

Fri Nov 09 2018

A nice spot to take a walk. The Baltimore County website has a map under its section of "walking trails". The two "trails" are not marked and it's confusing in spots. Basically you're walking old golf cart paths. Stay to the perimeter of the park, don't wander off into the woods, and you'll have a pleasant walk.

Not sure why this is not rated better. Less crowded than Big and Little Gunpowder near Route 1. Some tree fall here and there but otherwise well maintained. Nice variety of wooded habitats. Saw heaps of different fungi after the rainy summer. Yes, I-95 is “loud” for a portion of the loop section but the Little Gunpowder is still beautiful. I liked the trail better than the previous two I mentioned. Maybe because I didn’t see any other people the whole trip. Some steep areas in the profile but so worth it- felt like I found a hidden gem!

Sun Jul 22 2018

Nice afternoon walk in the park. I saw signs of the old golf course and I saw some sand traps. It started to rain the last five minutes of the walk.

An okay hike. Best part includes great views of the river. Worst is hiking near I-95 and the related noise. But, that does not last too long.

Only did the loop portion, it’s about 2.5 miles. My dog and I enjoyed the hike though you can hear the cars on 95 and I like a more quiet forest setting.

Thu Oct 26 2017

The county takes decent care of this park (which used to be a golf course). Children's fall soccer and spring lacrosse practice and games occur here. It's a nice place to bring the family for an evening walk in the summer time. I live close by and frequent it for after work jogs. It would be nice if they spent a little money making some of the paths more user friendly.

This trail starts in Kingsville Park on Frankinville Rd. but for some reason all trails does not find KIngsville Park. It's easy and you can take dogs although the path does get kind of narrow wheres it is washing away up over the river.

8 months ago

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