Explorez les sentiers les plus populaires près de Wilton avec des cartes et des itinéraires choisis avec soin, ainsi que des critiques détaillées et des photos de randonneurs, de campeurs et des amoureux de la nature comme vous.

Wilton, Maine Map
14 days ago

Hit this trail again! Better in the winter! Beautiful views. Many people hike this trail, I was surprised. Icy, so during winter, watch your step.

25 days ago

Great Hike , trail is in good condition.

Great hike with beautiful views of foliage. Rocks were slippery, little wet in places, highly recommend poles.

5 months ago

good hike, steep incline the whole way, beautiful views!

great views, pack well, the almost 6 mile trip with the kids took 4+hours. it's rocky and fairly steep in places. the trail is marked with blue every 10 yards or less which is great when you are descending in a rainstorm at dusk

Challenging hike with many steep sections, although the hike only took us three hours round trip (and we relaxed at the peak for quite a while). A large portion of this hike is on exposed rock despite the fact the peak of this mountain is only at a couple thousand feet. Spectacular 360 degree views of the surrounding area—probably the best views of any ~2000 foot mountain I’ve ever hiked! This is definitely a hike that should be on everyone’s bucket list!!!

6 months ago

This is a seriously awesome trail to hike. Haven’t gone on a hike in a few months and this was a great reminder of needing to stay in shape, at least if it wants to be hiked quickly.

7 months ago

Three of my friends and I hiked and camped at the top of the mountain this past weekend. I consider myself to be in "average," shape and we definitely needed to rest a few times on the way to the top. The trail starts at a pretty good incline and never flattens out until you reach the top. That being said, we did see all ages of people from young to older. The bugs were terrible but that is expected at this time of year, but be sure to bring bug spray or you will regret it. Overall, it is a great hike with an amazing view at the top.

my favorite place in Maine. Amazing views at the top and when I go I usually have the mountaintop to myself. cant beat it!

fun hike yesterday. a bit hazy but still beautiful at the top

Nice views, nice trail. This out-and-back took me about 3.5hours, hardest part was up and down Bald Mountain. Views from the top of Bald are nicer than from the top of Saddleback. All in all, it was about 5.5 miles. This trip is one to avoid in wet weather unless you are an experienced hiker, many slippery spots on the way down.

I've done this hike a couple of times over the years and it is definitely on the difficult side of 'moderate'. It's great, and thoroughly worth it in the end-but you can expect a workout. Unless you're like a triathlete, or something.

Ascent starts right away Don’t forget to enjoy the wild blueberries at the top !

Includes peaks of Bald Mountain and Saddleback Mountain. Bald Mountain is about a 1.75 mile round trip with wonderful views, at which point you can turn back or continue on to Saddleback Mountain. The Bald Mountain portion is still moderate - as other mentioned, the trail gets fairly steep fairly fast.

Steep grade. The view was great at the top.

went today very good hike

Sun Jun 17 2018

When my husband and I decided to do this hike, it was after numerous weekends of hiking 5+ miles hikes, and the idea was to cut down a little for this one. Well, not so sure. Even though it is a great hike, it goes straight up right from the beginning, and it you are a hiker - like me! - that needs a little warm up before being proficient, you will feel the burn! However, agreeing with everybody about the view. The top is nice to take a break, and prepare yourself to go right back, but this time straight down.

Amazing hike! Spectacular views and a fairly good challenge. With it so windy, didn't even need bug spray!

Moderate trail, once you start it just goes up for 1 mile. beautiful views of the Weld, Mount Blue area.

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