Explorez les sentiers les plus populaires près de Westbrook avec des cartes de sentiers et des itinéraires choisis avec soin, ainsi que des critiques détaillées et des photos de randonneurs, de campeurs et des amoureux de la nature comme vous.

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Westbrook, Maine Map
18 days ago

Trail apparently borders a horse farm. Met the fellow that owns the horse farm and he explained that he was bulldozing the area for horse pasture. This trail is probably more interesting in spring.

2 months ago

Dog owners don’t pick up after their dogs mess. Watch out for dog poop along the trails

This is an easy 1.5 mile loop trail through a lovely wooded area in the heart of suburban Westbrook. There’s a short side trail that takes you down to an alewives viewing area along the banks of Mill Brook. A nice walk for families with children!

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2 months ago

Beauty in the heart of suburbia!!! The trails were well marked following the brook all the way. So many photo ops. We couldn’t make it to the South trailhead as the bridge was out.

3 months ago

After beung in the hospital with a leg wound/staph infection, this was a nice easy walk to build my ensurance and let the beasts run.

4 months ago

My dog and I start almost every day on this delightful trail starting from the Magan trailhead on 302. The 7 bridges trail is so very sweet- thank you to those who have developed and maintain the trail! I never use bug spray. Just sayin

5 months ago

not too buggy for late august. one mosquito bite, one tick found. challenging trail system. mostly well marked trails but some are unclear.

Cool little trail. Some clear cutting made the trail confusing though.

7 months ago

The All Trails information is inaccurate. The trail system has been expanded to a five mile length, with two more access points (Northern and MAGAN). The difficultly ranges from moderate to difficult. Though there are two sections of the trail which can be considered "family-friendly", this is not an "easy" trail system. Definitely a worthwhile hike. Yesterday's mid-June hike featured a mosquito population typical of June; use an effective bug spray! We look forward to visiting again in the fall when the mosquitos are fewer.

7 months ago

what's straight up I'm going to tell you yeah you might want to take two cans of off really buggy meanings a lot of mosquitoes if I was any light of those pictures were picked me up and carried me out you have been warned...... but other than that it's a very good trail very therapeutic!!!!!!

REMEMBER THE BUG SPRAY! beautiful trails but prepare to be a bug feast.

This is a nice quiet walk and easy to complete. i would come back but with hiking boots as its muddy and wet in april!

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9 months ago

Got very lost but had lots of fun!! Will come back when it’s warmer.

We love the trail because it is very fun with our dog. We love playing with the sticks and walking over the river on fallen logs.

Home of the national phenomenon of the ice disk. A must see.

I love this trail. Nice expansive woods with varying terrain. Light foot traffic so it a good one to avoid crowds in Southern Maine.

I've been following the mill brook all my life.now their is a nice path..very nice.and good job.

Sun Aug 05 2018

Really nice trail that has a couple of easy inclines here and there! Couple of places where I’m sure you could manage to take a dip on a super hot day or just stare at the tiny fishes in the water! Beautiful trail!

Sun Jul 29 2018

Technical hills bookended by fast single track, Millbrook is a great “out and back” sprint workout. Footing and pace vary quite a bit depending on the weather and season, so you won’t get bored even with limited trail options. I’ve never felt “crowded” in fact I rarely see another person on the trail. The downside? Bring bug spray, and the parking situation/trail entrance is a bit strange.

I did the off-road portion of this section which was fairly easy to follow even though there are some places that are very overgrown. Plenty of poison ivy along the trail when traveling along the river. For mountain bikers, this is a single track trail.

Thu Jun 21 2018

Watch out for ticks! I had barely walked half a mile before I noticed them all over my ankles from the tall grass in the middle of the trail. I got out and took my sneakers off to find about 10 ticks crawling all over them. I’ve done a lot of hiking all around this area and have never had that happen so I would recommend a different trail nearby.

Mon May 28 2018

I have hiked through Millbrook a few times now and I really enjoy the peacefulness of it. I prefer the northern trailhead because it follows the water and is more scenic but for a good work out I usually do the Allen Knight trailhead which has more elevation but isn’t as scenic

Sun May 27 2018

Very easy to follow. Trail is well marked. Very scenic

Thu May 24 2018

My favorite trail close to Portland. Watch out for ticks and mosquitoes during late spring and summer.

Sat May 05 2018

Trail is poorly marked in places, and the trail markers are blue which isn’t the most noticeable color in the middle of a forest. Some confusion with ATV trails at the fish pool end. Lots of narrow up-and-down switchbacks on the sides of steep hills. If you have bad knees or ankles, I wouldn’t recommend this trail, though the trek to the fish pool isn’t too bad. The brook is nice and serene, and the fish pool is beautiful. Watch for ticks, especially along the pole line.

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