Explorez les sentiers les plus populaires près de Wolflake avec des cartes et des itinéraires choisis avec soin, ainsi que des critiques détaillées et des photos de randonneurs, de campeurs et des amoureux de la nature comme vous.

Wolflake, Indiana Map
7 months ago

We loved this trail and even though it was wet (it had rained most of the month) it was accessible and enjoyable to walk. We’d love to see more of their trails indicated in the app.

Sat May 27 2017

Nice walk. Quite a few nice views of the lake. Features a 2 story viewing tower that you can still access. Multiple pavilions to sit down in. Saw some different birds. Definitely wear boots because it was really muddy and with all the recent rain, you will need lots of bug spray. Having the map would b good because there were about 4 times I had to turn around and double back to figure out how the trail looped back to where I started.

Wed Jul 01 2015

Very easy wide trails, well maintained. Marked well & trail maps available at each trail head, but seriously don't think you could get lost here! I parked at the south section, which was a good move as the bridges to both the other areas w parking were roped off. Not sure why- possibly flooded areas? Very marshy in some areas- up to my shoes in water at some points. Many of the swampy parts have boardwalks. Wetlands are well maintained so mosquitoes aren't as bad as nature preserves! Great variety of water features and trees. Saw quite a fair amount of wildlife. A highlight was a pair of green herons. (Try the hide off Onion Swamp) Trail maps says mileage more than this site lists. Didn't find pit toilets like website (theirs) had listed. (Didn't walk entire property due to bridges being closed) I always hike w my dog & found the wording on their site off putting, but decided to try it anyway. We always clean up after them & hike on leashes. He seemed to enjoy the hike as much as I did!

We hiked this route after a week of late summer rains - so take it seriously when the author says there are wet spots! I also believe that the distance is understated - we hike at a brisk pace of around 3 MPH and this route took us nearly 2 hours! There is also an error in the instructions - in the paragraph starting "At the southwest corner of the lake", the right turn for trail 7 is BEFORE you cross the footbridge! This was a nice hike - would be good for families, as it wasn't real strenuous!

Tue Oct 30 2018