Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Makanda

3 days ago

The last bit to the trailhead was gravel and very narrow. Thankful we didn’t run into cars coming from opposite direction. We went after the rains and after a night with freezing temperatures. What could have been muddy was pretty much frozen over except in areas of sun where it was muddy. Due to rain, water was high so crossing the creek was a bit more challenging but fun. We did go off trail several times on the back half and had to constantly look at the gps to make sure we were on. The rock formations were amazing. Nature did this? The stream was peaceful and calm. Funny story, as we started walking, I heard this low growl. Being that it’s called Panther’s den, I’m thinking “panther”... I turned around and asked my son if he heard it and he said, “I’m hungry”

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