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White, Géorgie Map

F hunters

this is a route connecting the major high points of the WMA. some of it is on lightly established hunting trails or logging roads, but most of this route is bushwacking. Don't use this route during hunting seasons, as you will be sure to cross the paths of hunters. don't risk getting hurt or ruining their hunts.

10 months ago

Take this trail for what it is: A road to many other great trails and bushwhacks. You can hike the logging trail if you wish or you can jump off at any point to go explore the woods. This is not a dirt trail, instead a mix or worn road and gravel/rock. It's not without merit, though.

conduite hors route / hors route
Thu Oct 05 2017

this is not an off road trail. foot traffic and state vehicles only.


I've only been here once, so I will post another review later. As for my Sunday drive this looks to be a beautiful area and the creek is clean and beautiful. Lots of things to see and do here. Walking, Fishing,

Mon Mar 20 2017

Don't waste your time - there are many trails in this area that are much better. As the name implies, this is a logging road - the first 1/2 mile has very large (2-3 inch diameter) gravel rocks, which makes walking unpleasant. Staying on the edge isn't always possible, so be prepared for some knee pain. Once you are over 1 mile in, the gravel is much less of a problem, but the area is...well, ugly. There are short portions of Stamp creek that are a little more picturesque, but overall - hiking this was not fun or interesting.

9 months ago

randonnée à cheval
Wed Jan 16 2019