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Photos de randonnées en VTT à Dahlonega

Hiked the purple trail because it is a large loop. The purple trail consists of 3 trails: the Bull Moutain Trail [223], the Lance Creek Trail [223a] (a lower cutoff before the Saddleback Trail), and the Whoop-dee -dos Trail [223c]. According to the trail map posted at the trail head [ see image], this was supposed to be a little over 8miles. The actual distance was just under 11miles. That is a significant discrepancy if your starting later in the day and watching the clock. Total time to complete was 5hrs on the nose and that included a 5min break every 2miles on the 1st 8miles. Note that as trail 223c connects back to 223 that distance is approximately just over 9miles. Although there weren't many opportunities for skyline viewing, the trail was quite beautiful and desolate. The trail would be great for a Summer hike as it is quite shaded most of the entire trek. Wildlife was also scarce, I suppose because it was early January. We hit this trail after a good weekend of rain and Lance Creek was running pretty hard. You will cross Ol' Lance a few times. He's quite narrow at the top where the backside of the 223 meets 223a. But as you descend 223a you will have to cross Ol Lance twice more. The 1st time, if you have a waterproof mid to high boot, you will be just fine. But as the 223a ends, just before 223c, Ol' Lance is wide and a tad bit deeper. About calf deep for me (5' 11"). Even though it was January and cool, the crisp clean mountain water felt great on my feet that just finished a solid 8miles. It was invigorating and recharging. In short, trail favorites: foliage - wild rhododendrons galore. Desolation. You feel miles away from civilization. There is no cell service most of the trail, and GPS is sparse when descending. Recommendations: Prepare for a longer trek than the trail head map identifies. BRING A COPY OF THE MAP WITH YOU and have a compass. I kept a digital image of the mapnon my phone. I also ran GPS on my Garmin Fenix5. And I also suggest running the "record" on the AllTrails app. I didn't do this. The trail is poorly marked. There are NO visible blazes. You WILL get confused at times, but if you have a map with you and have a good sense of direction you will be fine.

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