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hors piste
2 days ago

This was actually harder than expected. The Rich Mt trail get you close to 3 Mts that are part of the GA 4000 Challenge, which is what I am shooting for. The trail is a access road in the WMA off of Rock Creek Rd. It was closed off to public access when I went but you can always hike in. There are many pull off on the road where people camp. I would recommend attempting this trail in the fall, winter or early spring. When there are no leaves on the trees. Makes it easier to make your way up the ridge lines and see where you are going. Also there are a TON of thorns and briars. I went up Big Bald first and downloaded another members recording to help me out, which it was very helpful. Going up Big Bald someone has tried to mark a trail with orange tape. It actually follows a very old trail, barely visible but when you look for it you can see it. I lost sight of it but still made my own way to the top. Clearing your own way is pretty tiring. Making your way down the ridge line you’ll hit two clearings, work around Little Bald and you find another access road that will lead you to the main one you came in on. This main access road will take you around the back side of Rich Mountain. You’ll come upon a old access trail that is blocked off on the left. If you take this it will lead you right up to Tickanetley Bald. I back tracked back from there to the base of Rich Mt and found my own way up. Spotted the old chimney and knew I was there. Then followed the ridge line down toward Little Bald and it takes you right back to the main access road you came in on. When I went it was quite cold and a lot of ice on the road.

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