Photos des randonnées dans le Zephyrhills


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I hate to write this but I feel that it's important for people to know before coming to this location. I have been to this location 3 times and to hike / camp and I've noticed some strange activity. Everytime I have been to this location I have noticed men sometimes together and sometimes alone go into the woods for 5 minutes and then come back out again... the few times I have asked I have gotten what feels like bs answers like "taking my daily walk", but for 5 minutes... I've also had one man go out of his way to question me about why I was there and it gave me a weird vibe so much that I bailed on my solo camping trip. I'm not saying these men are dangerous but also I'm not 100% sure what is happening here. This a beautiful place to hike but I felt it was important to let people know.

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