Photos de randonnées en VTT à Sanford

4 days ago

I travel frequently and love to hike unfamiliar terrain and I also like a little challenge. I rely on the reviews of trails pretty heavily and this one sounded right up my alley based on the reviews in this app. I often hike alone, I’m very aware and I carry a hunting knife for protection. I’ve never had any problems and I’ve hiked almost every state in the US. If you’re a woman hiking alone, do not do this hike. There were some very questionable people doing questionable things in the woods. I’m not easily frightened and pretty much take people as they are, but this trail and these people gave me the creeps. I ended up abandoning the hike (which I have NEVER done) and went back to my car. Later I spoke to some locals who told me never to go there alone. I’m writing this review to warn others and wish some locals had also written a warning in their review. On a lighter note, the flats are really cool and I wish I could have explored them....super buggy and muddy though, wear boots and repellent.

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