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Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Lithia

We hiked the trail on January 19. We found it to be a very good hiking trail. They were horses here when we first got here so we weren’t sure how the trails were going to be because sometimes that can be a factor. We didn’t come across anyone on the trails at all. It was all in all a very beautiful trail. The only thing we would note is that they had just recently done a controlled burn so a good part of the blue loop was burned. However we know that’s a fact of life and it had to be done! But just thought Someone else might find that helpful. We definitely will do this one again. We brought her dog and she loved the three little streams that we cross. Other than a few patches of sugary sand.... it was easy walking. We did not do the two little off the main trail out and back’s. And we got in exactly 7 miles. We follow the signs for the Hillsboro County’s 2019-20 hiking spree Which didn’t follow the official AllTrails recording.

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