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According to their website the Delaware Nature Society is granted permission to conduct a hike on the public property of the City of Wilmington every year. The dam was built in 1932 and named for the Colonel Hoopes who died of old age in 1931 while part of the Water "Control" Board for the City- in the midst of the construction and funding process. It was then flooded to 12 feet as safety measure before they unleashed 8 million gallons from the Red Clay Creek and Brandywine Rivers combined. Lastly it was established as park for the public, although swimming has never been encouraged; it was tolerated until 1971. Since 1971, the area has disconcertingly been prevented from any form of interaction. Definitely no swimming; but also no: boating, shore fishing, bird watching, nor mountain biking, nor hiking allowed around the edge of the lake.....Outside of with the annual Delaware Nature Society jaunt. Frankly this (the City of Wilmington's side) may be one of the best untouched areas in Delaware and there are some gorgeous drone shots on YouTube; ... but it's legally about as welcoming as a Southern Country Club. For similar unscientific, and irritatingly self-contradicting reasons. There's not even a place to get out of your car on the bridge or even a road shoulder in case your vehicle breaks down on nearby Centerville Rd.