Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Clark

3 months ago

This Florida gal got stupidly ambitious and hiked the full loop October 12, 2019. About 2/3 of the trail was snow covered but visible. As others have said, the area offers some of the most beautiful scenery and pristine wilderness around and even after the first snow of the season that was true. Based on other hiker recommendations I started on Gold Creek trail (went counter clockwise) and was glad I did because getting up and over the pass in the snow was a bit of an adventure; I lost the trail for a while. Started at 11am, stopped for lunch half way at the meadow below Ute pass for about 20 min, and finished just under 7 hours later with about half an hour of sunlight to spare (which is cutting it too close tbh). The snow really slowed me down but made it a unique experience. Too many creek crossings to recall - I counted at least 5 significant ones - some of them partially iced over. I punched a foot through ice into the creek on one crossing and had to dry out/change socks. So total hike time probably more like 6.25 hours. I saw only 7 people total the whole time, a beaver dam, and mule deer. If you’re considering doing this trail before next snowfall, pick a sunny windless day (which I did - got lucky), start at 9am, and do it soon; watch out for hunters too. Bring sticks unless you’re one of the 3 marathoner trail runners who sped by me (seriously!) Overall, this was probably the most remote, challenging solo hike I’ve ever done but totally worth it! I’m 54, an experienced trekker, and in above average shape for my age plus do pretty well at altitude. This hike is NOT for novices, and if you go it alone, come well prepared and make sure people know where you are.

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