Photos de randonnées avec activités en pleine nature dans la Allenspark

5 days ago

Started at the Allenspark trailhead, hiked to the Ouzel/Bluebird Lake junction. Wore snowshoes the whole time but found a wide range of conditions: ski tracks we followed from the trailhead turned toward Pear Lake at the fork. We crossed a few semi-sketchy steep slopes covered with fresh powder – we were able to kick in just enough of an edge to cross safely – and met up with the well-packed trail from the intersection with the trail from the Wild Basin trailhead. Tracks continued until the Thunder Lake/Ouzel Lake split. Needed snowshoes for the fresh powder to Ouzel Lake since we were the first ones making the trail, but on the way back we probably would have been fine wearing microspikes, except for the 3 steep slope crossings between Calypso Cascades and Allenspark.

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