Photos des randonnées dans le Idyllwild-Pine Cove

1 day ago

1/20/2020 -Such a nice trail! It’s pretty steep at first, but we didn’t get very far (maybe a mile up) because we had our dog. It would have been fine, but the trail changes from dirt to rock and if my baby slipped and hurt himself I couldn’t carry him back down. If you can trust your pup off leash or they behave well on the leash, l’d totally bring them. -the dirt road up to the parking lot is a little scary... enough room for ONE car and that is IT! If you have a super low car, I don’t recommend driving up to the lot, but parking at a close by turn out and walking up. (The parking lot is small anyways) Definitely going to try this trail again! (No doggie next time)

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